Fallout: New Vegas Guide to "Caravan" Card Game

StrengthGamer: One of the new games to play in Fallout: New Vegas is a game called "Caravan". Involving a crap load of rules and tricks, the following guide will help you win.

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Christopher2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Edit: Okay, I think I understand it... I also think it's unnecessarily complicated. Better be some good rewards for putting up with the game.

mistajeff2896d ago

really confusing at first glance but i think it's awesome that they created an original card game with this kind of depth just for the game.

unless it's just an existing card game with different name, i wouldnt know

AvidGamerrrr2896d ago

definitely an original game. seems like a cross between Hearts and Poker... It's original inclusions like this that make Fallout such a great game

Triggs2896d ago

Tuesday can't come quickly enough!!!

firelogic2896d ago

for a trophy/achievement. I hope it's at least fun to play!

Hazmat132896d ago

looking at the text's (head explodes)