GC07: The Sony Sprint (We Love You Sony)

What's the fan rush look like at GC07? Kotaku risked "life and limb" to put you right in the action. Seriously, about 30 photographers are lined up in front of thousands of fanboys. It's scary. And this is just one of three entrances to the show floor.

So what big company is behind them? Yup, Sony. The video now just needs an anthem with one of those people raising a flag in the background.

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Loudninja4126d ago

It looks just like Nintendo at E306.But this time its Sony in Eruope.

DrWan4126d ago

Gamers all over the world look alike haha, skinny malnourish kids..sigh~ The WiiFit Mat was there to compliment the PS3 afterall. ha

Meus Renaissance4126d ago

Is this worthy of approval? Personally I think it is just for the humour lol

LeonSKennedy4Life4125d ago

DrWan - The WiiFit mat is Nintendo's way of saying..."We could crap on a stick and sell it to you as a hotdog."'s like the eyetoy with MORE restrictions. Why would someone even consider it? As far as I'm concerned, the Playstation Eye DESTROYED it!

This is a great video though...

DrWan4125d ago

EyeToy sure looks like it could destroy the WiiFit, but for Nintendo, it was a very smart business model i think. THey can come out with so many damn games and the "soccer moms" would keep buying them.. like "WiiYoga", "WiiTaiChi", "WiiKarate" i think Nintendo is onto something least for the causal market.

Cheap Console + Soccer Mom = Fat Pocket

But i forsee that as BluRay gets more popular and PS3 gains more momentum along with the EyeToy (more TV COMMERCIALS PLEASE!! and demo BOOTH at US Malls on Eye Toy related Casual games, i think Sony can really take off from there)

AllroundGamer4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

i saw TheMart in the video :D and his TheImaginaryFriends too :D

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The story is too old to be commented.