HD Videos of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Awakenings, Jutsus, and Combos

All of the awakenings, jutsus, and combos for Akatsuki and Team Hawk in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 are now available in HD.

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Sirhc922835d ago

hell yeah, i cant wait to get Storm 2. its gonna be real badassery. at least when it comes to cartoon games!

tayz2835d ago

i wish i had it! just 2 more days!!

Christopher2835d ago

Love how they got Tobi and Madara moves all in one, especially the comedy of Tobi. They did a good job with Pain as well, making his moves use most of his forms.

RedDead2835d ago

Jesus, Sasuke has loads of jutsu, I thought they would 'forget' some of them but nope :)

Redempteur2835d ago

got it yesterday ..and the game is everything you want as a fan of the manga/anime.

maximus19852835d ago

are there 44 or 42 characters to choose from?

RedDead2835d ago

42 to choose from, 8 tails counts as another character(43rd) and then a version of Naruto(prob Hokage) counts as another(44th)