The Review Crew: Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

The Review Crew will never forget the roar from the Nintendo fanboys when Reggie Fils-Aime announced at E3 2010 that Kirby was returning to the console. It was deafening. People were applauding and yelling even as the trailer for Kirby’s Epic Yarn was playing. Yes, Kirby fans are ravenous for a new game featuring the little pink puffball. Fast forward a few months and Kirby’s latest adventure is finally here.

Nintendo has taken a new approach to the Kirby franchise with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The gameplay has been mixed up and the graphics have been revamped to resemble a classic hand-made children’s storybook. But don’t let that fool you as there is a seriously good game hidden beneath all this fluff and sparkle

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eagle212899d ago

I bet the trolls won't comment on this one. :)

Kirby FTW!!!!

bananlol2899d ago

It saddens me that i wont be able to play this until after christmas. It is going to be epic indeed, kirby is by far my favorite nintendo character.

EvilTwin2898d ago

I'm honestly kinda astonished at the Kirby love. Reviewers told Nintendo "make a game by current standards (voice acting, orchestrated score, etc.)" and then they all promptly crapped on Metroid: Other M (a game with flaws, but still very, very good). They go back and make a Kirby game that skews even YOUNGER than Kirby usually does, and everyone loses their mind.

Big ups to Good-Feel on this one, though. They made a GREAT Warioland in 2008, and no one really paid attention. Now they're getting some love. I think they're still privately owned, and Nintendo would be fools to not buy them up.

I'll end up getting Epic Yarn, but probably not until after the holidays (and after GE and Black Ops drop).