Gaming systems being shipped back in droves

Gamers in Bowling Green, KY are sending in their Xbox 360 video game consoles by the dozens as Microsoft fixes glitches with the technology.

Marshall and Sonya Gray, owners of the UPS Store at 760 Campbell Lane, say they are shipping about 30 to 35 Xbox consoles each week from gamers sending them back for repairs. And dropoffs have increased steadily within the last few months, Sonya Gray said, with as many as 12 Xbox consoles being dropped off in one day alone - she recalled one customer who was sending his Xbox back for the sixth time.

Titus Phillips, assistant manager of GameStop in Greenwood Mall, said failure rates are reportedly at 45 percent for the Xbox consoles released in 2005 and 35 percent for those released later.

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TheExodus4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

WTF, have these issues with the 360 been resolved or not? I thought I'd be playing Space Giraffe last night, because dropping $400 on a game won't exactly cause any turbulence in my budget, but when I got to the 360 display I couldn't help but wonder why the screen was black.

Does anyone know if the 360 has been modified to prevent failure or does getting to know your UPS guy on a first name basis come with the Live membership?

chasegamez4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

you better open up a ups account
if you buy it
games 2 play but no system 2 play them on
if you got 2 keep sending it back
(reply2)ALI-G your 1 of the lucky 1's
mines did. i finally sucked it up
i purchase a 360 in 2months red rings
thats y i tell people ps3 is the system 2
warhawk rules

ALI-G4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

and thrre is no need for CCP to get involved to get ur console replaced
anyway:360 atleast has games to play...not only games but proper games not ports

@above:console with no games to play what the point ?????????
360 will be replaced in 2 weeks and you will be able to play games again
my xbox did not break on me so i do not give a sh1t.

the new 360 have beter motherboard with better coolin + falcon in the way

Skynetone4131d ago

because its a piece of crap

if i had six fail id be pissed

Panthers4131d ago

Ali, why do you feel the need to convince 360 owners to keep their consoles? It is different than talking to people who have never tried it, but they have, and it failed them. No one wants to wait weeks to get it replaced. There are people who have yet to finish a game because of having to send it back over and over. Whats the point of having games if you cant play them? Its better to have a console that can do other things (as well as play games) than one that, at best, is an annoying night light.

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FormidableOne4131d ago

I own 2 Xbox 360's (1 Premium and 1 new Elite) and I've only had one problem with my elite. I had to send it in ONCE for repairs for RRoD and it was very fast and easy.

I don't get why people make such a huge issue over this. I had to BUY 4 PS2's before I got one that didn't fail on me (the lens issue with the big PS2's).

My experience with Microsoft has been very pleasant, hence why I bought another 360. Don't base your judgment on buying the system, on what everyone else says. I keep my consoles properly ventilated and I guess dumb luck helps.

Just my 2 cents.

KeMoBLUE4131d ago

"Don't base your judgment on buying the system, on what everyone else says." uummm what??? so if EVERYONE is saying a certain game sucks you would still waste your money and time buying it??? if people didn't use others as a source of judgement we ave reviews for games,movies,consoles,etc. so if most people are saying the 360 has reliabilty issues we should just ignore that??

SlappyMcTaint4131d ago

Who cares how many PS2's you went through -that's the past -this is now and M$'s quality SUCKS!

What's disturbing is how many people have had problems and just keep buying them thinking "this one will be okay". How many burn-boxes are you gonna buy before you realize M$ only wants you to keep buying more 360's so they can further prop their "sold" numbers -when half of those are probably broken and in landfills by now.

Mu5afir4131d ago

Microsoft didn't put up a 1 billion dollar repair (recall) program, because people are making this crap up. So, stating "my consoles" are OK and never failed me, isn't in anyway proof that this system is reliable. You might be one of the "lucky" ones.

You got great service, most people don't. You got your box repaired fast, most people had to wait two weeks or more. But the buttom line is, you don't pay $400 to talk to a Microsoft representative over the phone about a broken system.

You shouldn't have had to call them up in the first place. Seeing how you think Microsoft's customer service is well and dandy, you must have called them a couple of times. But most people don't have the patients or the "impudent" of wasting their time on a defective product.

If you disagree, please let me know why with a reply.
Or don't disagree at all.

Give me bubbles.. xD

DJ4131d ago

Mr. Formidable couldn't say a single bad thing about the PS3, so he had to resort to hating on the PS2? That's pretty funny.

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ironwolf4131d ago

The one on the living room big screen hi-def is a launch day system, and the one on the small hi-def in my bedroom is a refurb premium I bought a few months ago. Nary a hiccup from either of them.

Keep them clean and ventilated and you probably won't have any problems.

smturner684131d ago

I do feel for these people with problems, but to let fear paralyze you into not getting one is kinda sad. I mean, so far, this thing has paid for itself. I would not like to buy another one, but I would if mine broke and the warranty wasn't in place. But, IT IS. Heck, I bought the extended two year warranty anyway from Microsoft, and when they extended the original 90 day warranty to 1 year, they bumped up my warranty coverage(which includes everything) until May 08. This purchase is among the best 400 dollars I've spent. Now, it's even cheaper!

Mario184131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

"Titus Phillips, assistant manager of GameStop in Greenwood Mall, said failure rates are reportedly at 45 percent for the Xbox consoles released in 2005 and 35 percent for those released later."

They still don't know how to fix the piece of plastic...

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