PCN Review: Medal of Honor, A Breath of Fresh Air

Medal of Honor is a solid attempt at being a Call of Duty killer. However, much like the first Modern Warfare, it’s a lot of bright ideas on a large scale that never really come together. At first glance Medal of Honor is a solid shooter that will impress FPS fans, but will leave you wondering how great a second title in the franchise will be.

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gaffyh2862d ago

Online sounds kinda bad, wondering whether to shell out the money for this on PS3...I might just get the PC version actually, it's much cheaper and will look quite good on my machine, I hardly ever play online on PC anymore anyway

gypsygib2862d ago

I played my friends copy for about 30 min on Saturday and wasn't very impressed. The graphics are a 7 and the gameplay seems just ok. The atmosphere is really cool though, it seems like a perfect rental/borrow.

Triggs2862d ago

the game is CAD$70.00 for all platforms, $10 more than most AAA games. How anyone will feel about this, I will leave it all to my imagination.

Hairy Chewie2862d ago

I really enjoyed the campaign. Compared to the last few cod campaigns it wasn't over dramatised... and there wern't even any russians. It was definitely on the short side though, but I think it works for the story. I think if you try to stretch a story like that out over 12+ hours it looses some credibility and becomes unrealistic, but it does depend on the game. What would have been good would have been a second campaign.

Multiplayer's good. I like the 'rush' mode, works well, but there's too few maps. Definitely needs some free DLC.