Medal of Honor Multiplayer: Mediocre Shooter or Ingenious Masterpiece?

Bitmob: The critics have spoken: Medal of Honor is a mediocre video game. With a Metacritic score of 75, copies of EA's newest shooter won't be flying off the shelves. Critics most commonly mentioned the directionless campaign mode, muddy visuals, and amateur dialogue. Though I noted Medal of Honor's shortcomings as well, I'm far more interested in what co-developer Digital Illusions CE did well.

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AKA2806d ago

But with better everything
it's just better...

I hope danger close get their hand on the MP next time and give it a more MOH felling, they need to add their own species to their food next time but the game is good.

pangitkqb2805d ago

Particularly the Multiplayer....


theonlylolking2805d ago

The whole freaking game is underrated. People probably just dont want anything else than halo, call of duty, battlefield, killzone, MAG and resistance.

tacosRcool2805d ago

Agreed as the whole thing is underrated. Everybody is just waiting for Black Ops(which is overrated). Sad as I enjoyed this game and am still having a blast playing it!

r1sh122805d ago

you say underrated but you forget that bad company vietnam is out in a few months.
So why buy this?
Its average at best, yes call of duty is overrated but call of duty is much better for gameplay.
MW2 is unbalanced, but throughout all the Call of duty games they have in general been quite good.
We will see when black ops is out, I will compare both on my youtube channel

tacosRcool2805d ago

Why buy this you say? Because its a great game duh! Bad Company 2: Vietnam is just an expansion doofus, not a full game. MW2 is unbalanced and to say, very unfair. Its cool to be dealing the damage but not receiving it. Still overall that game is just decent. Black Ops will be just good but not great despite all the hype.

badz1492805d ago

I really want to buy it and Frontlines is another reason njot to but I'm worried it is not as good as expected. reviews are not much of a help. but i think I am going to buy it now

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lefty burns2805d ago

I agree it would have been cool to see a Danger Close take on MP

bbretterson2805d ago

This writer has it backwards: The single-player component is far superior to the forgettable multiplayer.

Sadie21002805d ago

This game just doesn't compare to Modern Warfare 2, but single player does have its moments.

mzm1192805d ago

Yeah, VERY few moments since it took me about 4 hours to beat the campaign on normal.

M3rkMast3r2805d ago

I play this game when it is available in the Bargain Bin.

guitarded772805d ago

I have to wait for a price drop as I'm paying for both my wife and I to get through college... but maybe we'll get a sweet Black Friday deal for $30. Sucks not being able to buy every game the day it come out anymore.

SKUD2805d ago

If its within your budget. Gamefly. Best of luck with you and your wife's education.

WetN00dle692805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Great title BUT far from Masterpiece.
All i know is that MOH is a camper paradise!
Yes granted every FPS has its fair share but this one is a giant campfest!
Everywhere you turn you got fools making smores!

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The story is too old to be commented.