Forget Nazi Zombies...Commie Zombies + DLC in Black Ops

SystemLink: "Think Nazis are cool? Firstly, you're a horrible person. Secondly, think again! Communism is back, and this time - it's infectious."


The video was updated as fake a short time after this article was made. As you can see, the site has been edited to show that.

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coolbeans2898d ago

Dual-wield hammer and sickle anyone?

Downtown boogey2898d ago

This would've been great propaganda a couple of decades back...

craddock2898d ago

please no commie zombies. shooting zombies with ak47's in a desert doesnt sound much fun.. especailly since they would probably blow up if you kill them

HSx92897d ago

typical N4G 12 year olds who approve retarded articles like this...

"The site hosting the video has been updated to show that it is a fake. We apologize profusely for this."

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emekcrash2898d ago

Yadda yadda herp derp. Borrrring.

Tapey2898d ago

They link to a video that says "Proved fake". Well done, great journalism.

fafoon2898d ago

If they are Klingon Zombies
They are gonna get thier Ass Kicked
But them there Zombies in Red Dead are Gonna get it First

-Alpha2898d ago

Keep in mind that you MUST pre-order the Special Editions to get the WaW Zombie Map Packs.

MGRogue20172898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Nope.. You will need to buy either the Hardened edition or the Prestige edition.

You were close though. :)

-Alpha2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Isn't that the same thing? The Hardened, which is about $10-$20 more, or the Prestige, which is the $150 one? That's what I meant by Special Edition anyway, sorry for the mistake and thanks for the correction though :P

MGRogue20172898d ago

Yeah.. But you said you had to pre-order 'em though..

You don't need to pre-order it.. Just go into your local store & buy it. :P

danielle0072898d ago

My GameStop won't even allow people to pre-order the hardened edition anymore.. Which means a bajillion people pre-ordered already..

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Mr Tretton2898d ago

I'm sure they'll quickly make them available for everyone to download, for a ridiculous price.

They just want to take money from the impatient people.

PRHB HYBRiiD2898d ago

got the hard edition...who needs an rc toy car? xD

skip2mylou2897d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.