CVG Preview: Is Dragon Age 2 less of a cliché?

CVG writes: "Dragon Age Origins was hard to love. It's easy to enjoy an RPG like Mass Effect where you shoot aliens and sex up ladies in space, or a goblin smasher like Elder Scrolls with a beautiful world to free-explore at your leisure.

But a fugly, beard-stroking, micro-management heavy, olde quester like Dragon Age? Much harder to love."

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kraze072862d ago

I strongly disagree. Like I've said on the Bioware forums this game is heading in the wrong direction. The more I here about this game the more evident it is that Bioware are catering to the masses with DA2. They're changing the things that people liked about DA:O. It's the same thing they did with Mass Effect 2, and just like that game the "so-called rpg fans who aren't actually rpg fans and the die hard Bioware fans who accept anything Bioware puts out no matter how much they dislike it will praise these changes as if they are the second coming of jesus or something.

Redlogic2862d ago

I am a huge Bioware fan, but to be honest, I am not liking the change in direction they have been taking. I for one, like the RPG elements of Mass Effect and Bioware got rid of everything that made that game an RPG instead turning Mass Effect 2 into a third person shooter with some RPG elements. While I enjoyed ME2 I wish they would make a game like KOTOR again. Dragon Age is headed in the same direction as ME2 no doubt about it

kraze072862d ago

What has me confused is how after hearing all the negative feedback from their core fans Bioware has said that they'll make ME3 to be a cross between the first two and yet here they are making the same mistake they did with ME2 again with DA2. DA:O sold well above what most expected and here they are screwing with the formula.

gaden_malak2862d ago

I am surprised that Mass Effect series isn't becoming the template for RPGs now. The tie in with all games and the choices you make affecting the game later on (and in part 2 and part 3) is huge for re-playability and to a degree realism.

Rowland2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I'm afraid Dragons Age is a linear, purely commercially driven franchise masquerading as an RPG, designed to appeal to the casual gamer (wider audience). Despite excellent story-telling and narrative, don't be fooled by the RPG tag. Origins was more like an interactive story-book than a game let alone an RPG and DA 2 looks like being no different.

These games could have been absolute masterpieces if Bioware had stuck to their principles and developed a classic RPG experience - open world with exploration and discovery, town interaction, factions, in-depth leveling and flexible micro management then factored in the excellent story telling and dialogue.

The direction Bioware have taken is desperately disappointing and concerning for adult/serious gamers and fans of classic RPGs. Their games are now so dumbed down & RPG-Lite they cannot & should not be classified as RPG's.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion, although by no means perfect, was a classic next gen RPG - choice of camera perspective, in-depth character choices, open world, better graphics, flexible micro-management, larger scale and scope.. etc, which came out early 2006 !

Nearly 5 years on and the DA franchise is nowhere near Oblivion's quality in any regard whatsoever, which is shocking when you think about it.