15 Nintendo facts you may not know

CVG writes: "There are some facts we never get bored of hearing. 'A bird's feathers weigh more than its skeleton', for example, or 'the average person accidentally eats 430 bugs a year'.

But there are some Nintendo-related facts that get trotted out so regularly - by bored hacks or drunk mates - that we'd be quite happy to never hear them again. The facts are these..."

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xxmob2772d ago

the facts i found most interesting were that Nintendo and Sony originally worked together on the PlayStation.

And that Mario has starred in over 200 games, this is crazy, no wonder everybody knows Mario.

tunaks12772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"he facts i found most interesting were that Nintendo and Sony originally worked together on the PlayStation. "

they were working on a SNES CD, but yeah its crazy considering things now.

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jneul2772d ago

lol if you are as old as me you would have known that already, that is why ninty and sony still don't get on today, both hold grudges because ninty failed to see that cd was the step forward needed, hence the break-up before ps came out, then after they broke up sony made a cd-based console that became king,

Nihilism2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Actually it's because Nintendo broke the Sony deal and went to go with Pioneer instead but it didn't pan out, so the CD driver was just an addon as it took too long and then they just stuck with cartridges for the next gen.

After Sony had already been working on the disk driver for the SNES and had the tech, they just figured that instead of wasting R&D that they would make their own console.

Not because "Nintendo didn't see the sony light" B.S. Nintendo were 'planning' a CD driver long before any other console manufacturer, it just didn't pan out, Nintendo are always the first to innovate console tech. The others are just sheep.

jneul2772d ago

no you are wrong ninty had alot of concerns about using cd, which is why they broke the deal, but when they saw how well ps took off after they failed with n64, they made gamecube with a mini-cd storage with the help of another company
however you are right about sony not wating to let all that R&D go to waste on CD which is why playstation existed, ninty is not the only one to innovate, sony was responsible for the cd not ninty

Scott6672772d ago

From memory (I could be wrong), but it wasn't that Nintendo didn't want to use CD tech, but rather when they re-examined their contract with Sony, they realised that they were effetively giving Sony the rights o any game that they make with the CD tech. Obviously Nintendo wouldn't want that, so they backed out of the deal.

Once again, I could be wrong though (I remember reading it a LOOOONG time ago), could anyone verify this?)

White-Sharingan2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

@ Scott667 - 4:24 onwards

Edit: "They would have all the rights to the CD technology. Sony was going to retain all the makings of the CD. They were going to manufacture it and distribute it"

nothing about having right's to the games, just the technology . It was a stupid move on Nintendo's part to ""betray"" sony, but it ended great for the consumer (at least in my opinion, playstation 1 and 2 >>Super Nintendo>>>Everything else) . Nintendo just wanted more and more money (but hey, what company doesn't right?), but actually not telling Sony about changing to Philips? low blow

AWBrawler2772d ago

both Sega Saturn and Sega CD had CD before Playstation.
Silly fanrocket, lies are for noobs!

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na-no-nai2772d ago

but forget that in the contract sony get all the royalties from games made on cd format and that they decided what is getting made on it. so yeah i would of canned the deal too

jneul2772d ago

it's just an excuse ninty uses, the real reason was ninty had concerns about adopting the cd format, when they saw how sucessful ps was they realised how wrong they was and ended up using the cd based format with gamecube

KratosGirI2772d ago

The only ones I didn't know about were 5 and 13.

Malice-Flare2772d ago

thank heavens for typos...

kraze072772d ago

Not sure if Nintendo actually stands for "leave luck to heaven" but I know Ten means heaven in japanese. Found that out from the Tenchu (Heaven's Punishment) series.

Marylin2772d ago

I had absolutely no clue.


juniordee2772d ago

And Arbok is Kobra backwards OMG!!!


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