Paramount's HD DVD Decision Is Anti-Consumer

Two years ago, Paramount announced that they would support both HD DVD and Blu-ray in the HDTV disc format war. Blu-ray has been selling two-to-one over HD DVD this year, and this includes Paramount titles. The last Paramount title shipped on both formats, Disturbia, had a 68:32 split in favor of Blu-ray in the most recent Videoscan survey.

Dropping HD DVD with its 32 percent support would have been a violation of this bond of trust with the customer; dropping Blu-ray with its 68 percent support is a travesty and a precedent-setter for anti-consumer behavior.

It should be noted that other studios are exclusively for HD DVD or Blu-ray. While this practice is highly questionable and anti-consumer, Paramount is the only studio to actually drop support of a format. No other studio has broken its word to consumers.

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ALI-G3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

than (as usual) sony came with it is own format and no one said nothin about that y?
becuse sony known as been super [email protected]@holes and greedy.they did it befor.

EDIT:so far all the post in this thread been crap except(@7) have look

Panthers3927d ago

Sony is the only one making blu-ray? Then they are doing a hell of a job (sarcasm)

This format war needs to end, but it does not matter who is first, it matters who is better and supports is consumers better.

REbirth3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

oh you are so inteligent BUT...the 1st HD format to appear was Blu Ray...sorry to dissapoint you but the blu disk exist since 2002...when sony showed it to the public...with 50GB of space...more than my computer in that time...i have a magazine talking about it...

oh and i've heard about HD-DVD since last year...

so stop talking what you don't know

MoonDust3927d ago

Why not just have it on both and have the people choose over time. I think dvds are old tech anyways, Internet is the future :D

reaperxciv3927d ago

if a company goes blu-ray only, isn't that anti consumer too? That's bigotry

beavis4play3927d ago

i agree. all studios should sell to both hi-def formats and let the consumer decide.

Daver3927d ago

Offering only in 1 format is not anti consumer... What is Anti consumer is going back to only 1 format when you have decided to go with both and all this cause an association gives you $$$
Thats a rip off consumers

NikV33927d ago

but as a consumer you cant be upset at a company for talking $150 million, after all this is a buisness. plus i think ill be ok without seeing shrek on blu-ray, spiderman and pirates are enough for my veiwing pleasure

Skynetone3927d ago

christmas 2008 is my guess

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The story is too old to be commented.