Call of Duty: Black Ops Beta Leaked Videos

The Black Ops Beta for the Xbox 360 has been leaked. On Black Ops Zone website are 10 videos of multiplayer proving that.

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Dr-ZOOM2860d ago

N4G the new machinima for COD Black Ops

LoVeRSaMa2860d ago

I want to see some sniper footage, I like the Barrett.50CAL I dont mind no quick scoping, I just hope they haven't broken that type of gameplay, I am not someone who just runs around guns blazing with a sub machine gun.

I like to plan things out, wait take my time and POW!

DelbertGrady2860d ago

This story was approved and put on the main page although it only has 5/10 approvals, and none of the videos work.

MGRogue20172860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Create A Class Beta Gameplay HD

Call of Duty Black Ops - 10 Minutes of Beta Gameplay HD

CoD Black Ops Zombies! Still uploading..


Kingdom Come2860d ago

"Black will be a hell of a game to play on multiplayer"?

Kran2860d ago

It would be a bit late for a beta any for the fact that the game has been finished and all thats left to do is the packaging and waiting for 9th to arrive.

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