Scariest Video Games – Siren Blood Curse

"Siren Blood Curse was released in 2008 however it was only released on Disc in Japan, Europe, and Australia. In North America you had to purchase this from the PlayStation Store, unfortunately this game didn’t have much in terms of publicity. I am actually willing to wager that most of you reading this have never heard of Siren Blood Curse."

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sdtarm2743d ago

I have yet to play this game D:

codyodiodi2743d ago

You need to at least download the first chapter of this game, it's amazing.

MachinaMaw2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Damn this looks scarier than Silent Hill.

Creepy pic btw...

SaiyanFury2742d ago

What's stupid is that I meant to download this game, I just forgot about it with all of the crap going on in my life. I'm a huge fan of Japanese survival/horror like Fatal Frame. My thanks to the author for reminding me about it. I will make a point of downloading it in short order. I do remember loving the demo. :)

mandf2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Highly underrated. I still think the ps2 version is better. Lack of hd only made it better. They cut out a lot of stuff too. The ps2 version was insanely hard too. The snipers sucked.

Edit. Why the disagrees? I said nothing inflammatory. It was good game, not because it was exclusive.

sinncross2743d ago

Man, SCEJ need to add trophy and Move support to this game to help give it some exposure.

CrawFail2743d ago

It's a very good game. You can get it used (if you can find it) for about £12 these days. It's still rather expensive on PSN

CrawFail2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Dear Stealth Disagree'er,

How the hell can you disagree with my previous comment?



PSN it's £20. 20 is a bigger number than 12 which makes the PSN version more expensive than the ones you can get used on disc.


DigitalAnalog2742d ago

Atmosphere however was delivered properly. It's just that, THE CONTROLS killed everything there is in this game. That, and the opening... gosh I didn't realize there was a path until I died 100 billion times with the first maniac.

-End statement

PickAShoe2742d ago

if this game was in 3D, i would get a heart attack.

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DarkBlood2743d ago

i played a demo i believed but it was pretty good felt like re4 and scary as well

Gue12743d ago

This game's more than just good, it is awesome! Best horror game of this gen.

But if you have a slow connection it'll take a while to download the game, it's like 20GB or something.

codyodiodi2743d ago

It's well worth it though!

callahan092743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I thought it was more like 9 GB? Something like that?

DarkBlood2743d ago

yeah id have to not touch anything else for the rest of the month as i get only 25 gb usage less i upgrade it but someday i may do it but probably prefer a disc now that i just hear there is in other countrys, oh well

the_1080p_guy2742d ago

its 9735 mb if i remember correctly,but u can download episode by episode...there are 12 of them (u only need the 1st episode installed to enter the game).

it took me 15 hours to finish the game.Quite scary and pretty good at the same time.

Soundtracks are one of the best i've seen in horror games this gen.After game over,they give u a portable music player app so u can listen to the tracks...good

farhsa20082743d ago

I loved it, my favourite survival horror game ever

codyodiodi2743d ago

Fatal Frame 2 is my favorite survival horror game.

jony_dols2743d ago

Amnesia: The Dark Descent,is by far the scariest game available. (system requirements aren't that high and it's cheap on Steam.)

And I have played pretty much everything in the survival horror genre.

When you been caught by the monster.....(shudders) it is the scariest shit ever.

Myze2743d ago


While I don't get scared by movies or video games, I will agree with you on Amnesia. While it didn't scare me, it is a scary game (if that makes sense) and an awesome one at that. I would strongly recommend the game to anyone with a PC to play it on. It's kind of short, but it is cheap. Strongly recommend Siren too, for that matter.

Darkstorn2743d ago

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is excellent, as is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Those two games deserve to be tried by any fan of horror games (despite how relatively inaccessible they may be to a genre newcomer).

NecrumSlavery2743d ago

Not meaning to start a fight but Luigi's Mansion says hello?

jony_dols2742d ago

Please would people actually play Amnesia before disagreeing.

Films and Video Games don't scare me, but Amnesia is in a different league...

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codyodiodi2743d ago

This game is definitely a must buy.

NYC_Gamer2743d ago

Sony should have also put this on disc for ppl with slow connections

gaden_malak2743d ago

It is on least it is in Australia.

callahan092743d ago

Yeah it's on disc everywhere but North America, I think.

ian722742d ago

I got it on disc a few years ago. I live in UK though. It is a very good horror game, well worth playing.

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