Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Zombies Menu

E4G: The Zombies menu from Call of Duty: Black Ops.


This video has been proven FAKE.

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mmoracerules2899d ago

No fing way! It shows all the map packs?! YES !!!

dkblackhawk502899d ago

Hmm commie map pack you say? lol oh the details details :P

HSx92899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Create a Class in Zombie? FAKE!

Also the scrolling bar at the bottom that shows your friend's score, go to 0:16, then go to 0:34, it doesn't move.

PhantomT14122899d ago

Yeah, maybe it's a fake among the recent mass leaked footage.
What strikes me is the Modern Warfare 2 police used everywhere, and the music from World at War menu that hasn't changed.

Well I'm not 100% sure.

shepowy2899d ago

Nazi and Commie zombies? Can't imagine it's more than a different outfit for the shuffling undead. Also that moon in the background looks cool.

BannedForNineYears2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Thank goodness I didn't buy the addons. :P

Just like in LBP, I didn't buy a single addon, and LBP 2 includes them all. ^_^

emekcrash2899d ago

WRRROOONNNGG. LBP 2 will simply transfer all the DLC you've bought in LBP 1.

shepowy2899d ago

Who's leaking all this stuff anyway? If it's someone at Treyarch they need to be fired.

dkblackhawk502899d ago

Or Xbox 360 consoles banned?

Iceland2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

No he's right, they should be fired. This is illegal.


Fishy Fingers2899d ago

If a developer were to risk there career to leak something (which I highly doubt), I think it would be more than a menu.

NYC_Gamer2899d ago

these leaked videos add more hype for the game

theonlylolking2899d ago

Yup, as long as peeps dont reveal too much then they are helping activision.

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The story is too old to be commented.