FYC: Fallout New Vegas Countdown – Day 5: First Impressions

Feed Your Console Says:

Ok OK – I’ve been asked for some thoughts on the game so far. Here we go.

I’m still very early into the game (only about 12hrs – I’ve accomplished NOTHING!) but I’m back in Wasteland bliss. The enviroments still look as bleak, gritty and dirty as always (especially taking place in the Mojave Desert) yet still beautiful. I really don’t want to say too much to anyone but I will say that as of this moment, the player assumes the role of a Courier who gets shot and left for dead for one reason or another and you set out to find out who shot you and why.

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Chuk52893d ago

Slap a score on this and it would become more valid than the AOTF review.

Philoctetes2893d ago

This article still contained exactly zero information that we didn't already know. I could have written this article, and I don't have the game yet.

lastdual2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

The article is actually light on impressions, and mostly just tells about features that we already know of, like hardcore mode and the existence of different factions.

He's clearly having a good time, but he also jumps the gun, immediately assuming things like:

"For anyone wondering if this game is as big as Fallout 3, I can say with 100% certainty that it is"

How, after playing for 12 hours, would he know if there is as much content as Fallout 3? How would he have played enough to say that there were an equal or greater number of quests, for example?

Personally, I don't doubt that the quantity of content is on par, but to assume that this impression is more valid just because it is gushingly positive strikes me as immature.

Crazay2892d ago

Hey man - thanks for the constructive criticism. A vast majority of my time was spent wandering the wastes for an idea of the size all while talking to other NPCs and seeing what was out there. During that time, I never even made it into Vegas so you can see where the comment came from.

Your comments were great and true to a degree. I do this for hobby and in no way am I a pro at this. I'll try to make a more concerted effort to explain in greater detail next time. Thx again. Your comments will no doubt help me do better.

563252893d ago

In fallout, 12 hours is not enough to make a review, maybe that's why he didn't put any score in it.
Unlike other games where it only takes 5 or so... :p

Hellsvacancy2893d ago

I completed Kane & Lynvh 2 in five hours, OUCH

Crazay2893d ago

That's right guys. It's really just a first impression review. I haven't had enough time with it so far to post a complete review of the title. I expect that come Tuesday, I will have since I have most of tonight and all day tomorrow.

SexyPrawns2893d ago

Well, keep us updated. You're the only legitimately coherent reviewer we've had so far.

CrzyFooL2893d ago

How come this asshat got an early copy!? Glad he likes it at least!!

Dave13512893d ago

idk how he got it but they have it on piratebay already. just the 360 version though

Marylin2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Some other people got it early as well. So jelly. >.<

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