Warner Bros: Batman Arkham City Coming "Autumn"

Despite three UK retailers listing the game as having a March 2011 release, Warner Bros Has reiterated a release date of “autumn 2011″ for Batman: Arkham City, “Just to confirm, Batman Arkham City will be available in autumn 2011,” a rep said by email this evening. The rumors of an early release were generated after joined Play and AmazonUK in dating the game for March.

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Johandevries2860d ago

Like duh, they can't complete another quality game in just 1,5 years

Yi-Long2860d ago

... like I mentioned in the comments with the article that stated the game might have been pushed forward:I don't want a game like this to be 'rushed'.

Fall was the expected release date, and it still is. Great news. I want them to only release it when they feel it's as good as they can make it.

aCasualGamer2860d ago

Great new indeed!

My hopes for another bunch of Riddler challenges aren't crushed!

Please let it happen, please let it happen *crosses fingers*

FAGOL2860d ago

I'd rather they take their time and release in Autumn. I'm sure people can wait. A well polished game is always worth the wait.

Acquiescence2860d ago

between March and Autumn. Why it's practically opposite ends of the year! I'm not holding my breath for March anyhow, that seems way too soon.

Ares84PS32860d ago

Don't rush the game just take as much time as needed to make it awesome. it's a whole city this time around not just an Asylum so it will deffenatly be much bigger.