Move's First Month


What do we make of it?

On September 17th, PlayStation Move launched across Europe with a fairly wide range of titles: EyePet: Move Edition showed the controller's cute side, but Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition catered to core gamers too. Now we've had a month in Move's company, it's a good time to take stock of the controller's impact and its future prospects.

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rroded2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

it does everything Sony promised and then some
Sports champ is pawnsauce imo and with res evil n h rain support id say its not lacking in AAA titles tho i do agree its just the tip of the iceberg.

IMHO its the best motion control ever made nothing else can do real time 1:1 at 120 fps. With the power of the ps3 the only limits are the devs imagination and dedication. No doubt we'll see games that will blur the lines of the whole casual hardcore divide. While ms is paying celebs to pretend they like their product Sony is delivering... Which will win who knows but one things for sure the Move is here to stay.

gaden_malak2896d ago

Is the Heavy Rain support a free install? Or is there a Move Edition you have to buy?

blumatt2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

There's a free patch for the game. You don't have to buy a different edition like you do with Resident Evil 5 (You have to buy Gold edition for RE5).

DigitalRaptor2896d ago

You can download a free patch for Move support, but it's over 2GB in size. If you want it all on disc & extras, get the Move Edition.

IneedWeed2896d ago

Haven't played Heavy Rain yet, but I would like to try it with PS Move. RE 5 does look a lot more fun with the Move also, I'll give that a go. KZ3, Socom 4, Dead Space 2, and Sorcery are games I got to try at least once with PS Move.

ceedubya92896d ago

but some games still feel better with the dualshock for me. At times, move didn't work all that great for me with Heavy rain, but I think that that is more so to do with the fact that the game wasn't created with move in mind. RE5 plays okay, and can be fun, but the dualshock still felt better to me. Games made specifically for move seem to work great though. Even still, its good to have options to play games the way you want to play.

Christopher2896d ago

I just want to know who labels Sports Champions as a casual game. Got to silver on some of the events and damn if the computer doesn't hand me my arse on most events.

BryanBegins2896d ago

Tell me about it! Every game at ping pong on the champion cup (after the gold) took me like 15 tries! The AI is definitely not casual once you pass the bronze. For good players, you just need to get through the boring bronze cups and then you have fun.

DaTruth2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

After the Bronze going onto Silver, it felt like it was impossible to keep the ball on the table. I had to practice about ten silver non-tourney games to get the hang of it!

Table Tennis is the precision demonstration for the Move! I was showing my wife and her friend the precision by doing "the wave" with the paddle and spinning it around before serve.

Christopher2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Archery was nearly impossible for me. The opponents never miss and on the events where there are items to hit of various points, they typically got the most expensive ones before I could even draw my arrow. Even cheaper are the ones where they have the flag you hit to put up a wall in front of your opponent's target. On those, wait for them to appear and hit them, then just score points while they're blocked. Only way I could come close to winning those, and even then only got one star on them.

I don't imagine I'll ever get platinum on this game. Kudos to anyone that can.

MuleKick2896d ago

I can honestly say I have yet to platinum any of then. Move is serious business. No shizz!!

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Syronicus2896d ago

It is the best Motion Controls I have ever played with. By far, Sony has definitely delivered. If you have not tried it then you are missing out!

DaTruth2896d ago

Well, if they sent 1.5 million to Europe to sell and it is sold out at many places in the U.S., I doubt they only shipped 300,000 to NA and 1.5 million to Europe!

jneul2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

don't forget true 1:1 control, 3d movement, augmented reality, virtual reality and object modelling, ps move pwns the wiimote !!

OSIRUSSS2896d ago

I tried to warn people here that Move would be in short supply. I bought 2 wands and a NAV at launch. And love every min of it.

R_A_LEE202896d ago

Man, its been an entire month and still don't have any interest in Wii-wannabe 2.0.

Lyr1c2896d ago

That's like calling a King a Jester-wannabe.........

Keltik822896d ago

Sorry but it's no wannabe.

N4Great2896d ago

Don't even try, that kind of people don't listen users and reviews, they are just listening others unsecure and desperated trolls ;)

jneul2896d ago

way to be ignorant all the people and all the reviewer's disagree with you, it must hurt for you real bad to see move doing so well!!!

saint_seya2896d ago

i love the move controller, sport champions is amazing, and im really enjoing mag, i dont know if i could play another shoter with dual shock again after mag T_T... but i wish the other shoters with mag support dont get a free aim, i want the one that i get with the dualshock or mouse :o