The BitBag: Video Game Warzone #104

On this episode of the Warzone:

DD and SD cards
GT5 Delayed again
Netflix On PS3 next week
RDR Zombies
EA MMA event next week
FFXIV what a piece of crap
MOH why all the hate
David Jaffe comments on GOW3 vs Bayonetta
No more NPD!
Xbox still sold 483k
Partnered on Youtube
Kinect sold out
Move sold 1.5m in Europe

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NYC_Gamer2859d ago

its been awhile since the last ep

RoX_TimE_BomB2859d ago

yeah like 2 weeks... dling now

OOG2859d ago

yeah its been 2 weeks since the last show...due to NY comic con etc

SyphonFilter2859d ago

GT 5 only got delayed 1 time and that was the recent one. in japan it got delayed once back in march.

Stationfan2859d ago

Haven't listened to the episode yet, but I can already assume the fan iyism remarks like ps3 can't do grass. OOG regarding move and online gaming your last rant about it was very contradictive, you were raving about how it's not an even playing field on psn if they put move and ds3 together

I'm going to have disagree with you I consider my body mechanics above average than the average Joe, I do martial arts, boxing, and done some jkd and I still do not own like some of the ds3 gamers on mag. I go positive but not like some ds3 gamers

If anything move mag is more like a challenge that the majority will not have the guts or patience to excel in. Either because their kdr is too important or they don't want to be the weakest link on the clan while they get accustomed too a different way to play.

I think your rant was just talking just too talk if you'd rather play live over psn just say it, no excuse that they lost the even playing field. Which if that's so important too you kind of contradictive because last time I heard live is an open playing field to cheaters, hackers, glitchers, which if that's the norm then I guess you playin on that same playing field glitching and hacking then I guess that's the norm

OOG2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Had nothing to do with Live or PSN. Nice try though. Had everything to do with Motion Controllers vs Controllers vs Mice and Keyboards and the uneven playing fields they are creating for online multiplayer on consoles and how id rather have those people in each category play against each other to keep an equal playing field. (With an option of playing with all 3 together but not being forced to)

You don't have to agree with me, thats my personal opinion but, please don't try and make it look like some extremist fanboy nonsense over XBL and PSN. When it had nothing to do with it. I feel the same way regardless of the system its on.

Stationfan2859d ago

Ill have to relisten again but I can assure you if anything the playing field is in favor of the ds3 players I should know, but i guess you just assumed it was in favor of move players.

By that's the norm nowadays with video game journalism rather than actually try something thy just go with what they read on the forums. I'm glad i ignored the blogs trying to downplay motion controls on fps, because I would of missed out on some of the most immersive fun I've had in awhile well besides warhawk. Which is a gem missed by the masses

All I'm saying is if someones going to give an opinion they either have hands on experience, with said subject or it's just talking just too talk. Last time I heard on the podcast you didn't even own a move or mag so how would you even know if they re was an advantage with move players, exactly you don't so you opinion is not valid.