Sony agrees to replace defective PS3 game consoles in Taiwan - overheating experienced

So far you'd be hard pressed to hear about any defects that the PS3 has suffered, but there does seem to have been some PS3 problems reported in Taiwan. Consoles launched in the region had a range of defects such as jammed memory cards and a possibility to overheat. Following the intervention of the Cabinet's Consumer Protection Commision Sony of Asia has agreed to replace any PS3 consoles if they are suffering from 'serious defects'. Sony so far has replaced just two consoles that had faults regarding the power switches. So that's three supposed defects? Has anyone experienced any of these on their PS3 machines?

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ALI-G4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )



amazon to bundle fire distinguisher (4 free) with every BURN-STATION-3
amazon representative said(by this we are not only eliminating the hazard of the extremely defective unit, but also ps3 fangirls can play with the fire distinguisher till they get their ports )

@3.THE-SH1T: Y did than submit this news ?(tipped by me)
-i report u as SPAM but u r not going to be the first in my ignore list

EDIT: "After the intervention of the Cabinet's Consumer Protection Commission,.... After a recent meeting between the commission and Sony, the vendor has agreed to replace PS3 "
-SONY replaced 2 consoles so far, doesnot mean there is only 2, CCP will not involve for only 2 consoles.

chasegamez4076d ago

haha you got your 360 replace
more than the
ps3 got replace worldwide

barom4076d ago

3 consoles lol, didn't take them over 1 and a half year to admit it either.

doshey4076d ago

at least sony has the balls to say there is a problem

Panthers4076d ago

Wow, look how happy he is! Dont overdo the celebration and pass out with your 360 on, it will burn down your house.

Bathyj4075d ago

Wow, Desparation is a skinky colonge.

You're being a bigger Ali-Gerk than usual.

3 console? HA. I'm up to that on X360's by myself.

I've got no problem with this "news" being posted, but seeing this fanboy basking like a pig in the sun as if it mean some moral victory is pretty pathetic.

Long way to catch up dude. You've got as many broken as we've sold.

bennyace4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Brag all you want about your console.But isn't a games console about playing games? Witch,i doubt,you really had a chance to do over the past year. All we ve heard from playstation fanboys is '' Just wait and see the good games are coming'' aren't you tired of waiting for those, you have to be at least a little bit,no?

duarteq4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Must be the less than 1 % consoles from Sony , compared to the 33% from Microsoft that are always being broke ( not counting with more than 2 times trade per console lol ) and the recent problems with the steer whe(he)ll. If u want crap buy M$, but if u want State of Art electronics products buy Sony. Simple as that...

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TheMART4076d ago

I read about overheating 360's posted by Sony fangirls every day.

So those fanboys that report this story should be quiet.
Approve this everyone. Its newsworthy, the PS3 has problems also. Every piece of high end hardware has problems

Rageanitus4076d ago


Defect do occur , but at least they know it is focused on one demographci, while the xbox is worldwide.

harpua4076d ago

"owners of the UPS Store at 760 Campbell Lane, say they are shipping about 30 to 35 Xbox consoles each week"

SlappyMcTaint4076d ago

This thread sponsored by Micro$oft and their pathetic attempt to further trash anything and everything PS3. All you xbots can blow me!!

BTW, I heard The Mart likes it "monkey style"

Panthers4076d ago

Theyve only replaced 2 because only 2 broke down. M$ just wanted to make sure the world heard about it.

bennyace4075d ago

It s hard for a game console to overheat when there are so little games to play. Maybe when, like all playstation fanboys say, the wait will be over (....over a year...) and the good games arrive we ll see a lot more console overheating. who knows????

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THC CELL4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Ali And mart are F**k buddy's

0.3 % of ps3 fails

75% of x box 360 failed ( ruff guess )

InMyOpinion4076d ago

Do you ever have something constructive to say? Bwawawa...

HeavyweightInTheGame4076d ago

All that THC goes straight to his head.

stunt2134075d ago

wow 3 consoles lol. So out of about 5 million sold 3 consoles have a problem and all of the xbots are celebrating, sony is actually nice because they would replace the consoles and not wait for over a year unlike greedy ass microsoft.

Cronnie4076d ago

Ali G, your comment was completely immature...

Yep, agree, every piece of high end hardware does have problems, its just that when the fanboys come in and exaggerate everything, things 'blow' (excuse the pun) out of proportion...


Nothing at start will be 100% reliable.

Man i got a elite this weekend and bioshock froze on me 4 times.