Top Ten Videogame Heroines

Last week’s Electronic Theatre Sunday Special was the run down of Top Ten Videogame Heroes; featuring the protagonist you loved like Sam Fisher, Sonic the Hedgehog and Link. So to prove that the games industry isn’t just a man’s game, this week we focus on the Top Ten Videogame Heroines. Ten of the females that got you hot under the collar, and not in the Dead or Alive Paradise way, but stayed on track with the heroic mission which faced them have been chosen for this week’s feature article.

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handheldwars2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Samus was everybody's favorite till she showed her feminine side in "Other M".

Now she's only fit for the kitchen.

sdtarm2896d ago

STFU ur just sayin that u cant cook for urself

nskrishna22896d ago

hehe...come on, this isn't 19th century

RedDead2896d ago

I dunno what's more immature, giving abuse to you for making a joke, or laughing at the joke because I understand it's just a joke

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nskrishna22896d ago

She sure does...:)

I just wanna know if there is a sequel to Mirror's Edge.

bananlol2896d ago

That is explained in the article.

moe842895d ago

And explained well imo.

People are missing the point of this list completely. And only seem to want their favorite female character for w/e reason. Probably sex appeal.

nskrishna22896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Means epic FAIL

Although I agree with most of the list, can't stomach Lady Croft not being there

Acquiescence2896d ago

And that's just how it is.

moe842895d ago

Yeah, Aeris should have had the spot of Tifa at least. Tifa was a mediocre character at best, and didn't really do anything in the FF7 storyline. But the problem with Aeris is that she, as human didn't do anything either. Her work was done as a "spirit". Once you cease to live, you can't obtain the title of a hero/heroine if you hadn't done anything.. yet. You're just some cool ghost.

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The story is too old to be commented.