GK : EG Expo : Sony Move Combat

Game Kudos was at the EG Expo in London early Oct and got busy with the Sony Move.

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fungmi2859d ago

Yeah it's laugh, they look they are having fun and a bit of a work out :-)

gamekudos2859d ago

It was actually more in seeing this sort of thing in the flesh LOL

fungmi2859d ago

I can believe it these guys look like they are really going for it.

gamekudos2859d ago

Yeah there were few people like that getting into it, the combat Sports Champion game was pretty good for it. I saw a couple getting pretty competitive at one point, the guy is slow and deliberate, the women fast and jumping all over the place.

fungmi2859d ago

It's pity you did not get footage of that as well! LOL

Colossal_Red2858d ago

Out of all of the events in Sports Champions, the gladiator duel was the one that lost its appeal quickest

gamekudos2858d ago

Well I'm not sure I agree about the gladiator duel though my time on it was not long there did appear to be some skill in it.

fungmi2858d ago

I quite like the gladiator duel, not sure bout the skill part though.