GK : EG Expo : Sony Move Archery Video

Game Kudos was at the EG Expo in London early Oct and got busy with the Sony Move.

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whateva2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

but someone can post that video that isn't even showing the TV good as news?


@fungmi you can see one of them in this comment it's of my niece playing the Archery game, I use the Green Screen so you can get a good look at the gameplay and the player playing the game to see how accurate the Move Controller is.

fungmi2712d ago

Seems OK to me, you get to see how people interact with Move in real life. I can't comment on your video I've never seen it.

gamekudos2712d ago

I can't really speak to the other video, but the purpose was to show people how the Move controller could be used.

whateva2712d ago

I was doing the same thing but I got reported as spam because it was me posting a video of me! so they said it was spam when all I was doing was showing how accurate the Move Controller is.

gamekudos2712d ago

In a situation like that you should contest it and give them your angle, as long as you did not actually spam the video all over the place.

Colossal_Red2711d ago

I would say archery is the best and most accurate event in Sports Champions. However, it really puts a hurting on your arms :S

gamekudos2711d ago

That's a shocker really, I was expecting table tennis to be the most accurate out of the bunch.

fungmi2711d ago

I'd agree, did not expect to hear archery being the best of the bunch, sounds like lots of arm ache.