Kotaku: Super Scribblenauts Review

The only thing like Super Scribblenauts is Scribblenauts, and if you don't have either, this is a top flight puzzle game on a platform built for the best of the genre. For kids, especially middle-schoolers, it's a zany challenge that any parent would be delighted to watch or play along with after dinner. It has recognizably educational moments. But for older gamers, especially those who have the original Scribblenauts, the new batch of challenges and the upgrade in controls are not enough to overcome the tight, sometimes simplistic puzzle design and recreate the gee-whiz feeling that sparked the original.

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Matthew942898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

i like scribblenauts but too many puzzles were solved by the jetpack and the lasso... and god

still a great game though and it was fun

ill "aquire" this one soon, i want to use a flaming flamethrower

or spawn a frozen ice cube