Ryan Seacrest Promoting Xbox Kinect With Justin Bieber

It was announced earlier this year that Microsoft would be using Justin Bieber to promote its controller-less system and by adding Ryan Seacrest into the mix it shows that the marketing push for Kinect will be huge. On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, a daily radio show featuring pop culture, music and artists; reaches out to millions of people every Monday through Friday in both America and Canada.

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-Alpha2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

It really is smart marketing, but you can clearly see that MS is BSing when they keep stringing the core criticism about Kinect being suitable for the core audience.

It's *good* that developers are trying with certain games, but I sincerely question the success of the more standard gaming titles over the titles that Seacrest and Bieber are going to promote

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JsonHenry2896d ago

How could it fail now?

That was sarcasm BTW.

To be completely honest I dont see it failing though. But only because the Wii did so well with a casual market. Unless some nice hardcore games come out for it then it will always be a failure in my eyes regardless of how many units it sells.

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HolyOrangeCows2896d ago

They have some of the world's biggest over-rated pansies set to advertise this thing.

visualb2896d ago

this is good for gamings expansion in the media eye...


this isn't helping the image of older all =P

ape0072896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

MS you should support these amazingly talented studio known as Ruffian games, it's obvious that ms didn't care about crackdown 2 project, crackdown 1 was 1 of my favorite games ever, the second one is good but it was rushed, look at sony how much they gave support for infamous 2, look how [email protected] it look, MS Take care for your own developers, Justin's pocket is already full of cash

Ms's kinda acting like activision, money Now, quality later

FCK THAT SH!T for crying out loud, ahhhhhh, let's not be all negative, let's look at the other side of the coin, Im guessing that Kinict is gonna sell out everywhere but Let just hope that ms support thier studios from all the cash they get from kinect, I hope they get the perfect equlibruim, supporting both hardcore and casual market

Moonboots2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I love my 360 but you hit the nail on the head. This is more about a cash grab than it is about quality entertainment.

If it doesn't work out for them the damage to the brand could be fairly bad. The core will walk and they are the ones that MS feels like they can exploit and jerk around the most because they will keep coming back.. they made Xbox was it is and they are growing tired and are heading for the door.

Crackdown 2 was proof positive MS has given up on quality. And they simply don't have the output to support both casual and hardcore properly.. both will be half assed.. MS will rely on 3rd party to do it and well look how that worked out on Wii.

ape0072896d ago

gave up "ENTIRLY" on quality, halo reach and gears 3 both have great game quality but I guess they are going to the activison way, I hope they prove me wrong

JokesOnYou2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Micro's been working on natal/kinect for a few years now and still imo they had the better lineup vs sony this year. lol, people talk about micro's lack of studio's and yet year after year we keep playing great games on the 360, despite what naysayers on n4g will tell you. I mean we did get ME2, Conviction, Alan Wake, Halo Reach and Fable 3 is just about to release. Say what you want but that seems like a great year for exclusives all while they're in the middle of getting kinect off to a good start, to each his own, I guess but on my ps3 I've only bought GoW3 this year.

number472896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Kinect doesn't work as Natal was advertised at e3. Thats #1. CPU removed, and its games are Hardly innovative when it comes to standard webcam gaming. Theres nothing a single Natal game has shown that hasn't already been done by webcam & eyetoy.

"Great" games as defined by you, sure. But hardly multiple AAA titles. You fall over yourself to buy Splinter Cell, yet you ignore the PS3's gaming library because well "ive only bought GoW3.." sure Joy. Sure. Might as well include the 1000 terrible JRpg "games" microsoft releases every hour that aren't worth the dvd they are printed on, if its # and only # that ya care about. I mean yes, if for some reason you enjoy buggy false start games with terrible gameplay mechanics, then yes.. im sure you've enjoyed microsofts lineup.

Microsoft spends more on advertising than the quality of their hardware(rrod), and gaming lineup(Crackdown 2 - Flop, Alan Wake - Flop, Splinter Cell - Flop). Even 360 zealots complain about the quality of the games, as do reviewers. But Sure joy, you can't see any of that :).. Microsoft rushes out a lot of buggy garbage.

Kinect is a joke, its going to sell well for sure. And im sure you're ecstatic about microsoft lying to consumers about the workability of a product. Im sure you will pretend to enjoy kinectimals and joyride, but on the other side of the fence, both nintendo & sony owners don't have to pretend.

Like I've always said, folks like you wouldn't care if MS sold a box of thin air to people, as long as it had a 360 emblem on it.

JokesOnYou2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I'm no fan of kinect software SO FAR, but the tech despite you dissaproval does interest me. aahh I see kinect is just a webcam in your eyes that doesn't bring anything new to the table, but Move is so innovative right? Now as for your opinion on 360 games this year I definitely disagree, just as I said above regarding ps3 games this year, I don't like MAG or Heavy Rain, thats not to say their not quality games just that I didn't particularly care for them, what else was there.

Yes micro spends alot on advertising, and while I have my complaints about my 360 and what micro should or shouldn't do, its still been a helluva year. I don't see why kinect is going to "doom" the 360. lol It's ridiculous every year there's a new excuse why 360 owner should be worried about future games. Yeah sure, go ahead and downplay the 360 lineup this year all YOU want, while GAMERS keep making you look foolish. I'll reserve judgement on kinect but good or bad I'm betting just like every year 360 will continue to get great games that I will enjoy.

"Like I've always said, folks like you"...who love to force YOUR opinion on people as fact, as if I just started gaming this gen.


JD_Shadow2895d ago

It's not that they are advertising it. It's HOW they do so. They are not marketing this to the core audience (look at the story;since when are either two viable candidates to someone that would play anything other than the games they are pushing for Kinect), and it seems to be more of a quick cash grab than something that they are looking to have as a long term investment. No one is saying that they CAN'T promote Kinect, but the way that they are going right now about it, it doesn't seem like the decision making is very smart (and no one knows if MS cares if it IS smart).

lowcarb2895d ago

No one is saying that they CAN'T promote Kinect, but the way that they are going right now about it, it doesn't seem like the decision making is very smart (and no one knows if MS cares if it IS smart)."

That's just more silly spin that honestly makes no sense what so ever. There going about it the right way by advertising it no if and or buts period. You make it sound like nothing is on the way yet they have announced tons of exclusives for it and have core games coming in 2011. Right now it's all about the casual and we know this so stop with the forgotten core speech already. We have plenty of games now and coming to hold us over until a few games of interest arrive on Kinect. Call it what you will but this ad campaign is perfect which for whatever reason has you and others spreading fud.

"It's not that they are advertising it. It's HOW they do so."

If it doesn't interest you then don't buy it. Core games will come and unlike MOve at least they are taking risks and trying something new. Yes new because nobody ever pushed camera games like this before but then again this is the 1st camera like this.

Jaces2895d ago

Conviction and Alan Wake were "Good" at best and Crackdown 2 was a major letdown, Oh yea ME2 is no longer exclusive. The 360's exclusives have been lacking recently, it's not hard to see that.

And the thing with promoting their product is that they do it with celebs who MOST of us admire and adore, which throws a false sense of security when they're speaking for a product that they could probably care less for, they get paid to say things not to provide an accurate description of how good Kinect is. At least Sony shows some class behind their adverts instead of throwing us Beiber and Seacrest.

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JokesOnYou2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

"They are not marketing this to the core audience"

-nah, really?...No shiii sherlock, they are going after the same folks who made the wii so popular, so why not use Bieber and Seacrest? Micro is smart, they already know they have a significant base of core gamers that will buy kinect IF and WHEN they bring more hardcore games to kinect....the hard part is getting the casual folks who have so far shunned the 360 to go out and buy kinect, thats what this marketing approach aims to do. I mean lets not kid ourselves as long as 360 continues to get non-motion hardcore games like Fable 3(soon), insanely popular multiplats like COD Black Ops(soon), Gears3(next year), Project Kingdoms(Crytek game next yr) Otomedius Excellent(Konami game due in 2011), XCom and more, then the 360 will keep selling well to hardcore gamers as its been the best selling console for a few months now, thats not an accident thats because GAMERS like what the 360 offers. No amount of scare tactics are going to make hardcore 360 owners throw away their 360's as long as these type of games keep coming, regardless of kinects success or failure. lol


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All_4_One2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Seacrest and Bieber? Brilliant marketing, but the hardcore 360 players should be trembling, because it looks like exclusives are at the bottom of Micosoft`s list right now, and paying Bieber is at the top.

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