Amazing Xbox 720 Designs, which one would you want to be real?

GB writes: "Microsoft’s Xbox 360 completes 5 years this November. Time flies, doesn’t it? Sooner or later Microsoft will reveal the Xbox 3 or the Xbox 720. But we just don’t know when. It was confirmed back in 2007 by the then head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division; Peter Moore that new console can come out, depending on what kind of CPUs will be available on the market in 2011-2012."

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cyborg2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Nice, I can do with all of these

But with Kinect, it won't be anytime soon :\

gameseveryday2712d ago

Personally I liked the first one. Seems very realistic along with the box pack. However I dont think it will be hand held thing.

MURKERR2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

so we have no next gen RROD it a clean slate for microsoft to learn from mistakes

Lightsaber2712d ago

the almost all look more like a xbox portable then an xbox 3

EeJLP-2712d ago Show
seinfan2712d ago

Should be called Xbox Next

sounds okay

asyouburn2712d ago

msoft didnt want to call it xbox 2, because it would be competing with the ps3, and number-wise wouldve looked inferior.

The Lazy One2712d ago

"Also Xbox 720 is a retarded name. It should just be Xbox 3, like the 360 should've been Xbox 2."

It will probably be an Xbox (somename) rather than a number. That would go over a lot better imo.

CimmerianDrake2712d ago

Look at number 4 and think...



Arksine2712d ago

No, I thought of Halo...which is almost certainly where that design came from

ExplosionSauce2712d ago

I think #10 is the more realistic one.

Although Microsoft has planned to extend the life of the X360 with Kinect.
I don't expect anything new yet for at least 3 years.

Bathyj2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Firstly, dont call it X720. 360 was a stupid name used only so it didnt look weak next to PS3 and 720 is just a stupid name taken to extremes.

Secondly, they all look terrible. Yeah, they're great if you're making an art piece for a Star Trek set but only #10 looks even remotely practical. You're all aware this thing needs to be stuffed with circuitboards and processors right?

A couple of the handhelds do look reasonable. One looks like and Xbox made love to a DS, and the same with a PSP.

barom2712d ago

Am I the only one who thought they all looked FUGLY?

ABizzel12712d ago

The only one that looks even marginally real is the last pic.

JohnnyBadfinger2712d ago

i choose the 1 that works...

number 2 and 7 my favourites

OneSneakyMofo2711d ago

Notice how none of these are boxes except the last. It'd be dumb for them to call their platform an XBOX without having a BOX

Kurt Russell2711d ago

Every keeps thinking it will be named xbox 720. I think it will be named Xbox 361 :/

sonnyz2711d ago

I'd like to see you fit a motherboard and dvd drive into these "designs."

EeJLP-2710d ago

Laughing my entire @ss off at this:

"EeJLP- 2d ago | Offensive"

All I said in that comment was that most were handhelds, not home consoles. I listed what I thought looked best of the 4 actual home console designs. I also mentioned that I thought Xbox 720 was a stupid name and it should just be Xbox 3.

Who's that lame to find a statement like that offensive?

*Pointing out that a list of proposed next Xbox designs contained 60% handhelds? Was that offensive?

*Putting the remaining 4 designs into a list of which I thought looked best to worst? That was offensive?

*Stating that I thought Xbox 720 is a stupid name, and suggesting an alternate, simpler name (Xbox 3)? That offended people?

Wow some of you people are dumb.

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mjolliffe2712d ago

Nah, it won't be handheld, and I'm not expecting an announcement for the next couple of years :)

gameseveryday2712d ago

I think if you read the article , Peter Dille once said it will all depend what new GPU can hit the market. So I dont think it will be too long before Xbox 3 is announced.

IaMs122712d ago

Yup and ATI are releasing the 6000x series very soon i have heard.

But i think MS should work with Nvidia or ATI too make a more custom GPU that is better then anything on the market, sooo then for the first time a console will be ahead of a PC. Just like Sony did with Blu-ray player but this time a GPU haha

plb2712d ago

Kinect was meant to extend the life of the 360 and get more casuals on the system and MS has said the 360 will have a 10 year life. At the very least 2012-2013 for the 720 IMO.

PHOSADRA2712d ago

I would think that the second one would be a fan created version of the ps4...not the xbox720...

Just judging by the way Sony likes to be futuristic.....If something is going to look like a spaceship...why not the ps4? ;)

acky12712d ago

That one looked hideous. Who would buy that thing?

JsonHenry2712d ago

The last one is the only one I care for.

RussDeBuss2712d ago Show
PRHB HYBRiiD2712d ago

number 9 looks good for a portable

morkendo232712d ago

lol, none of them look even remotely PRACTICAL except image # 10

lastdual2712d ago

And the currest S model looks better than all of these.

Keep it practical, roughly rectangular, and with as small a form factor as reliable hardware allows. The Wii is still the most attractive console this gen thanks to its simple, sleek approach.

ingiomar2708d ago

No way, im a 360 fanboy but i think the ps3 has the better look this gen..not the slim though,
the fat one.

playboi282712d ago

They all look pretty hideous. The only one that I can see becoming anything near a real home console is the last one. No matter how cool some of them might appear at first, can you really see them in your tv stand?

ZombieNinjaPanda2712d ago

I don't know what the hell those were, but they were horrible. If that's our future count me out.

The Design of the Xbox 360 is fine now, why would I want something that looks like a giant X?

elpresador2712d ago

First, no MS handheld please. And second, most of the console pics where around for the 360 before we knew what it looked like.

Anyway, as long as the games are kick ass the thing could look plain like the Apple Cube or coul look like a spiral of poo.

Solid_Snakeps32712d ago

Which one would you want to be real?


hennessey862711d ago

is if it goes handheld i wont be buying one

frostypants2711d ago

"It was confirmed back in 2007 by the then head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division; Peter Moore that new console can come out"


GamingBolt: written by 5 year old Chinese kids.

TVippy2711d ago

the fire and smoke and RRODs in these pics?

pat_11_52711d ago

Every single one looks stupid

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nachokingp2711d ago

Where are the buttons? Assuming that the buttons are in a capacitive touch screen on the two side handle display areas, you would have to have pretty enormous thumbs to be able to reach any buttons anywhere other than the edge closest to the rubberized grip. Also, capacitive touch screens have a slight lag in response time and would be nearly impossible to play FPS or any other reaction-time games on.

And how the hell would you type on that keyboard? I'm assuming you'd have to type with your thumbs, so how the fuck would you hold the thing up? The majority of the weight would be above your thumbs, so every time you moved your thumb to type you'd be wrestling with keeping the console from falling. That design is an epic fail as a gaming console, but MIGHT be a decent media player/casual gaming device if it was given touch screen capability everywhere you see visuals.

BaKon2712d ago

2nd one looks pretty tight