Cloud Gaming Coming To PS3 And 360? Onlive Integration The Next Move HHGS 10/17/10

1. Superman Game In The Works Possible PS3 Exclusive? SOE
2. 007 Blood Stone Interview - The Game Is AAA Statis
3. Enslaved Review - 9.5/10 Incredible
4. Mike Tyson Punchout HD Upgrade Minus Mario Referee

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aceitman2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

9.5 is just too high all the graphic hickups and pop ins . and im sick off hearing hiphop comparing this to uncharted . uncharted 1 is way above this graphics wise . and it cant touch uncharted 2 ...........and as far for onlive coming to consoles never will happen it failed because off the online speeds and that will not change on consoles . and it was trying to compete so onlive = fail i was in the beta and it is something that will not pick up. to many issues with broadbandwith and i have 35 up and down ...i have fios .

Karum2829d ago

It is a huge problem. It means I gotta work tomorrow :(

asyouburn2829d ago

you know, alot of people give HHG shit because he scores alot of games high, but maybe he enjoys playing games. not everyone feels the need to nitpick every aspect of a game. i like HHG reviews because he tends to focus on the things he enjoyed about it, rather than harp on all the negative things in it. i would guess there comes a time when you're developing, that you just have to throw your hands up and get it out the door. chances are, its way beter than any game youve ever produced

HolyOrangeCows2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Onlive is already set to be DOA.
It's not the future. It never will be; Hardware gaming will always have exponential advantages and exclusives.

1) Many of their games are a mere $10 less or the exact same price - You rely on their service, never really owning any games.
2) Takes a connection that most don't have
3) Low quality graphics/video quality
4) Slow reaction times
5) No exclusives what-so-ever
6) Lag/framerate/video quality spikes

mantisimo2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I have to agree 9.5 is too high for enslaved its an ok game but no 9.5.

Hip Hop I normally stand up for you but even I am a little fed up with the high scores you give most of the time.

If Metacritic took your score of enslaved you would be, by a way the highest scorer out of the 40+ reviews so far. You are regularly doing this, why?

Don't lose cred by trying to keep all studios happy, please just give honest scores because sadly I don't think you really do.

Sarcasm2829d ago

I don't get why would Sony OR Microsoft would want to implement OnLive to their consoles when it can already play games.

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xino2829d ago

Sunday came early!

time to warm up my pancake and add some syrup, eat it while I watch the show.

Hip Hop G, you reviewed Enslaved instead of Lords of Shadow?

I can't stand cosplayers:/

Hip Hop still supporting this Bubbalon thing?
I'm telling you man it's gonna fail won't last long. All it is, is just a rating site.

Superman exclusive for ps3? i wouldn't see it in a lifetime!

That would be farking cool to use Onlive on PS3/Beast or Xbox 360/XBAWKS.

egm_hiphopgamer2829d ago

there's something major coming associated with, and even though it's a rating site, there's big business in that and there's other things your gonna see that's gonna surprise remember it's in beta. just stay tuned and watch what happens.

Dark3602829d ago

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Another Sunday...Another Boring Show...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

TrevorPhillips2829d ago

OK if you dont like it, leave this article and go read another one that'll interest you.

seann2829d ago

oh my. so he has to like it, and only then he can comment?

mittwaffen2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I guess thats why if you look @ HHG's comments hes always voted down, no one agrees with the guy since its all fiction and speculation.

Plus, look at his reviews...hes worse than IGN/Gamespot/Destructoid for his methodology in processing reviews.

You really like this guy? He cant even string 'adult'/'professio nal' quality sentences together, which that alone makes this a half-ass, low quality, ear numbing show to watch.

Dylantalon12829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

glad to see HHG show today. i only hope that people who arent fans can stay away and use enough sense to not post about how much they hate the show and HHG proving that they are imbeciles for clicking the link. keep up your work HHG, im a fan of passionate game journalists such as yourself who actually cares about games.

ps. the talon stands for talented

steve30x2829d ago

Does HHG mean Hip Hop Gobshite?

goosepoose2829d ago

no it doesnt. was i the only one expecting boondocks to spoof this show? i was watching this, and i was like this guy deserves that boondock attention.

anyway i am going to dance now.while i play games, because dancing and pressing buttons work so well. just like hip hop and games. i play squash to, so what am i now? a racket gamer. ja, right. hhg should stick to playing madden.

Kewl_Kat2829d ago

passionate game journalists? hiphopgamer is a passionate fan who has his own show on videogames. he's not a not journalist. i'm not hating. i actually find his enthusiasm fun to watch. i hope this won't come off as an insult, he reminds me of a kid who's excited to play and talk about games =]

egm_hiphopgamer2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

was up kewl_kat, that's exactly what I am, a gamer with that same kid excitement for games that most journalist lost.

Example the first time being able to play street fighter the world warrior at home instead of the arcade was ground breaking correct. everyone spoke about how fun the game was, they couldn't believe they had it at home, couldn't wait to master their favorite character all that stuff. Never once did anyone really complain about anything about that game even though the arcade version was way better.

that's what I'm talking about, the EXPERIENCE that a game gives a gamer is what reviews should be based on first and that's the emotion of it.

the problem is that nowadays everyone's a critic so i'll let the critics be critics and i'll remain the true gamer

blahblahblah22829d ago

The thing about reporting is you need to be a critic. If you show the upside of everything and skip the downside what you are is an impartial journalist that gives one side of the story.

You say reviews should be based on emotions?(uhh...) Ever take into account not everyone has the same emotions and feelings about games? When you plaster a 9+ on every game released you are digging yourself into a huge hole. When everyone takes your word with a grain of salt because OMFG G.I. JOE IS AMAZING 14.982. You need to take into account that you need to present partial evidence from both sides, regardless if you like it or not.

steve30x2829d ago

Im sorry but I cant take HHG seriously with his gangster style word up style.

NYC_Gamer2829d ago

cloud gaming?not until our connections get way better....

dkblackhawk502829d ago

China might be the first but the USA? Heck no...maybe 10-20 years.

spektical2829d ago

i doubt china would be first.

it has to be Japan or South Korea.. these are countries that need better connection due to their size and population.

reason why USA would lag behind is because of the very many different ISP providers, which would make it a hell of a job to standardize a bandwidth per customer, let alone 1G.

MGRogue20172829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

... This article is soooo late.


xino2829d ago

another N4Ger who only gets insight by reading the title.

do better next time.

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