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Digital Foundry: "Medal of Honor is literally a game of two halves, so to begin with, let's take a look at a selection of scenes from the single-player campaign mode. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, the middleware has a reputation for providing nigh-on identical graphics on both HD consoles."

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zeddy2897d ago

lead console my ass. i thought ea were sonys friends now.

seann2897d ago

i thought so to. but wait, ps3 owners get a ps2 game. but with rdr and mafia they got dlc. 2k and rockstar need to step up their freebies, or either make their games identicle (or something close to that). cause the ps3 versions of those games were not up to MY standard.

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darkcharizard2897d ago

PC beats consoles as usual.

InTheKnow2897d ago

PS3 was the lead platform but DF found that the 360 version ran better, even without all the perks that the 360 has not being applied...O_o

I'm surprised the PC version wasn't better. This looks like a rental at best. COD: black ops is flying solo this year. NO multi-player game will come close.

LinuxGuru2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

The PC version IS better, the only negative is that the textures didn't scale too well (which is not the fault of the PC, but of the developer and their engine).

Obviously the game will perform better on PC.

gamingdroid2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"NO multi-player game will come close."

Don't forget Halo: Reach. It is also fantastic multiplayer game!

Unless you are talking on the PS3 only....

StanLee2897d ago

Where was it ever mentioned that the PS3 was the lead platform? The developers never said that. The only place I ever heard that was here.

InTheKnow2896d ago

Well, Peter Moore, Former Sega and MGS CEO, now at EA is on a PS3 rant these days. He said they were gonna use PS3 as there lead platform...if they did or didn't only Danger Close and Dice know for sure, but it was stated a few time in print as well in interviews. Honestly, I think you will see alot more multi-plats looking the same because they are dumbing down the game engines.

Peter Moore and EA are upset the M$ has been throwing money at Activision so they have tried to embrace the PS3...unfortunately, there game engines don't run very well on the PS3. They run fine as long as they dumb them down along with the 360 game engines to run right. Can't wait to see how Mass Effect turns's a well tuned 360 engine on that game. Bioware will have there hands full trying to adapt the PS3 to it.

StanLatMarveldotCom2896d ago

Here's the problem; everything you just said, is not true. Information floating around the internet has little or no credibility. Using twitter and forum posts and blog sites as the source of information is a bad idea and that's the biggest problem with the gaming media; the sources I just mentioned are the gaming media.

360 man2897d ago

wasnt this developed on ps3 as the lead console?

Fishy Fingers2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

So they say, but being UE3 it was never going to have a problem on the 360 and the frostbite powered MP is pretty solid on either too.

Either way, the console versions really are lacking next to the PC and they didnt really take advantage of any Dx11 features either.

Should of used one engine, one developer and push for a little individuality. The game could and should have been much more on all platforms.

Nevermind, roll on COD.

RudeSole Devil2897d ago

Why doe's DF compare the PC version against the console, his point is really mute. There's way two may variables involved when your take the PC into consideration.

Pandamobile2897d ago

Well, some people like to see just how much better a game looks on modern hardware.

Fishy Fingers2897d ago

Nothing wrong with seeing how the consoles compare to the PC.

BloodyNapkin2897d ago

Then it needs to be in a comparable price range also....The PC that is.

asyouburn2897d ago

"Differences in the visual make-up of the game are slight - unnoticeable for most part"

"The comparison movie proves that there's effectively nothing between the two games from a graphical perspective"

yeah. . . it really sounds like the PS3 engine got the short end of the stick. im playing it now, and it looks fantastic. the pc version is clearly the best, with 360 trailing behind, but i really dont think a few torn frames and dropped frames are that big of a deal. for example in Alan wake (which ive been enjoyoing very much) in episode 4, every time i turn the freakin camera results in torn frames. bad ones too that cascade all the way down the screen. did it affect gameplay? not really.

CobraKai2897d ago

I agree with both of you. I mean, I normally get UE games on 360, because it runs better, but at the same time, UE on PS 3 isn't entirely offensive and the differences aren't that drastic. Batman Arkham Asylum in some cases did things better on PS3, like lighting and shadows.

Ju2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Doesn't mean because it runs as bad on the 360 as it does on the PS3 UE3 does suck less. It does suck. Big time.

Seriously, check out Force Unleashed 2. Fully custom engine. No hickups, natural motion, full AA (!!! best on both platforms) and no pop in.

UE3 is almost a full SW generation behind that technology. No matter what platform.

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