Why Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain Needs to Be Remade

Yeah, okay, so vampires are everywhere these days. Between R-Patz's glittery perfection and True Blood's flesh-flashing sexiness you can't move for beautiful undead.

Although that's all the more reason to bring back this lost classic. The market's hot for vamps right now and Tomb Raider dev Crystal Dynamics' open world mix of puzzles, exploration and combat would plug the need nicely.

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Chubear2832d ago

... do we really need a "why" this game should be made for current gen? I'm just flabbergasted that this game isn't even on the radar for production. That's mental.

Cloudberry2832d ago

Along with it's "Top #" lists section.

Ares84PS32832d ago

Castlevania got an excellent reboot. I think Soul Reaver can get one too easily.

morganfell2832d ago

The only way I would think this is a good idea is if they use the original voice tracks. Tony Jay has passed on and there simply isn't a replacement. The entire cast across 3 games provided the best voice acting voice in the history of gaming.

Otherwise they need to leave this alone. The last thing we need is a Planet of the Apes abortion.

ProjectVulcan2832d ago

Had it on dreamcast. Was a killer app for that system, blew away the PS1 version as you would expect

Lightsaber2832d ago

I buy a remake of SR 1& 2 hell I'd probably buy then again to play if the just added them to the psn/xbla. However they need a SR3

Solidus187-SCMilk2832d ago

I loved this game and it was awesome to spear guys and stuff.

sdtarm2832d ago


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xer02832d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and wish they would continue.

The way they left things hanging was dissapointing.

mac_sparrow2831d ago

Amy Hennig now works at Naughty Dog, that's why the characters in Uncharted are good.

But I agree, LoK is one of the best story driven series ever.

ape0072832d ago

games like soul Reaver and shadow man, I want to see classic old school game design with great atmosphere,enough linearity developers, enough focusing on "Movie like experience"

I want games like Doom, Duke nukem, turok etc....

I want to see a game that have both movie like quality(aka Next gen) and great game\level design\structure

ThanatosDMC2832d ago

Needs to be remade only for one reason in my opinion... better hinting on where the hell to go. Love the game but i hate the extra time i put figuring out where to go next.

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Prcko2832d ago

This was epic game!!!

Croash2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Or even should be remade, but not before I see a sequel to Defiance.

Crystal Dynamics should be finishing their Legacy of Kain series instead of making more Tomb Raider/Lara Croft games.

Myze2832d ago

As much as I enjoyed Defiance, Soul Reaver 1 and 2 were far beyond any of the games in the LoK series (although none of the LoK universe games, including Soul Reaver, will have the nostalgic feeling of the first one, Blood Omen).

Of course, if they do decide to remake Soul Reaver (would prefer a sequel), hopefully they can release 1 and 2 as one game, because I remember how pissed I was when the first just abruptly ended out of nowhere.

callahan092832d ago

I loved this game. I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I liked Soul Reaver 2 EVEN MORE. Both games are brilliant, though. I never played Defiance. Was that one any good?

secksi-killer2832d ago

i liked soul reaver 2 alot, but i thought soul reaver was one of the all-time greats. would love to play this again

mac_sparrow2831d ago

The gameplay in Defiance was a bit repetitive, but was well worth it to see the story.

NYC_Gamer2832d ago

all 5 games could fit on 1 blu-ray

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