PCGamer: Bioshock Infinite preview: cheery, sunny, and unsettling

PCGamer: "My first glimpse of Columbia, the floating city where Irrational have set their follow-up to BioShock, is of a sneering caricature of a Mexican face, reminiscent of racist US propaganda from the turn of the last century. Then the camera pans to a similarly twisted Asian face. Finally, it pulls back to reveal that we’re looking at a mural of a heroic George Washington, chin up, perfectly lit, surrounded by these sketchily drawn foreigners. Below it, the words ‘It Is Our Holy Duty to Guard Against The Foreign Hordes.’"

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ATi_Elite2860d ago

saw like 5 minutes of actual game play and it was intense with beautiful graphics.

Gonna pick this one up day 1.

TheLastGuardian2860d ago

I downloaded the gameplay trailer to my PS3. It looks so good on my HDTV. I can't wait to play this game.

Nihilism2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Word. When I first saw the trailers I didn't know what to expect, pre-renders are no indication of the games themselves so I didn't pay it much attention, but the art style wasn't what I expected...

Then I saw the gameplay footage and it looks mind blowing and I saw the Crow plasmid thing....blood dripping from it's face and awesome animation. I think this game will blow the other 2 away.

Skip to 4:10

BeOneWithTheGun2860d ago

Thanks! I had not seen that yet. It does indeed look very enticing.