Experience an Ice Age with LittleBigPlanet 2

Johnathan Leack from PlayStation lifestyle writes about how you experience ice age in LittleBigPlanet. "A user that goes by the name of Faith_rip has created a captivating level in the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta titled Ice Age Extinction. This popular new level offers a great preview of the cinematic offerings as well as the detailed environments that the creator will allow."

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NoLongerHere2898d ago

I'm going to freeze myself until its release.

metsgaming2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

NO we need your epic commericals ! lol

Dark-Cloud2897d ago

im going to kill my self so i can play gt5 and little big planet 2 early in heaven ... lol ... just kidding ...

PHOSADRA2897d ago

LBP offers SO MUCH in one game....
It NEVER gets old because there is always something new to play....

Its one of the best and platformers available....and provides the best bang for your buck.

-Alpha2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I highly suggest that you DON'T watch it. I've ruined too much for myself over the past few weeks.

It's too bad how under-the-radar this game flew in 2010. It really made leaps and bounds over LBP1 from what I've seen:

-Tower Defense
-RPG concepts
-Twin Shooters
-Entire Music/songs
-Racing games

People are creating more complex levels in less time than they used to take in LBP1. LBP is like the information age in the sense that it grows rapidly and new tools continue to evolve it at a incredible rate.

I can only imagine what LBP3 will do

MGRogue20172897d ago

... Why not?

It's not part of the single-player story.. It's user-created. :)

-Alpha2897d ago

Yeah, but I want to experience that myself, instead of seeing others play it. Takes the wow factor out when that happens, and gets me even more excited to have it XD

Strange_Evil2897d ago

^^^ There will be thousands of such level once it launches!!! I actually recommend people watch it and see the leap the game has taken from LBP1...

Shame the game got delayed to 2011... If that isn't GOTY material, then I dunno what is.

a08andan2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

This game is really tingling my creative side. I just cannot wait until I have it. Which is impossible. Can't have it until it is launched :P

I fear I will spend way too much time creating levels in this game. Although I guess "too much" depends on how you look at it. I am really looking forward to this :)

These kind of features is something that we all should encourage developers to include in their games. It is something that vastly increase the value of a game, at least from my point of view. :)

A Cupcake for Gabe2897d ago

The LBP2 beta is so full of win. I honestly think this will be the highest meta critic PS3 game when it comes out.

I've played shooters, arcade games, watched movies and so much in the last couple days. Only issue I'm having is some levels don't load at all, so I think there is an error in yue servers between Euro & US. But everything I have plaed is jawdropping.
The geometry wars game is amazing and gorgeous. And I hope everyone buys this game cause it really does it all. The creation system this time around is on a level beyond I've ever seen before. It's really advanced. After seeing that you can map the controller to any command, I can wait until the Move kit comes out. You'll be able to make move enabled games too.

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visualb2897d ago

basically....LBP2 will be a monster.

plb2897d ago

Another GOTY 2011 contender. All GOTY games next year look like PS3 exclusives

visualb2897d ago

in which case, it'll also be a contender...otherwise, I'm inclined to agree.

MaxOpower2897d ago

Saw this some days ago, can wait for this game.

If you are as hyped as me, then I suggest this channel:
Some great videos! and pretty commonly updated.

Dark-Cloud2897d ago

i don't think this game will be game of the year in 2011 because alots of good games coming next year , and remember that gt5 will come too so gt5 should get GOTY of 2010 - 2011 - 2012 because u'll never see better game then gt5 , it's the biggest game in ps3 , and graphics go beyond ps3 abillities , no need to say more ....
little big planet will be great ! i like it because it never finish :D , little big planet 1 had alots of things ( it's very hard to use everything in the game ) imagin little big planet 2 !! :D

Jrome2897d ago

But LBP2 will be the greatest game OF ALL TIME (until lbp3 comes out :D)

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