A Rant About Realism — Scrawl

Scrawl: "To say that the majority of us – this website’s staff included – are layman to reality isn’t an inaccurate or unfair statement. For every reality we’re exposed to, there’s likely to be millions, perhaps billions, we’re forced to omit from our limited perspectives. To say that video games allow us to indulge in an approximate re-telling other realities is one thing, but to use the word ‘realistic’ to describe a video game is, I’m afraid, something entirely ridiculous."

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ATi_Elite2828d ago

not "Realism" in the sense that I want to get hit by 3D shrapnel from a IED or have brass and blood all over my couch while playing BFBC2.

But a sense of "Realism" versus the arcade feel of some games.

Gun recoil and bullet penetration for example are a welcome sense of realism in shooters versus those that lack this.