firstTEN – Fallout: New Vegas Introduction

Gameblurb writes,"Well lookie here! In this episode of firstTen, GameBlurb will give you the first few minutes of how your story of Fallout: New Vegas unfolds. This time, you’re not a vault dweller who escapes the underground, but a courier left for dead. Want to see what happens? Well check it out after jump."

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jaidek2776d ago

Man, Tuesday can't come fast enough!

liquidxtension2776d ago

Wow much different than fallout 3's opening

visualb2776d ago

from birth, childhood and then adolescence

its basically impossible to top it IMO, so I won't be let down because I know this

Uncharted 2's opening is also up there, as is HL1, but to me, FO3 is still tops

Sayai jin2776d ago

Will def be buying...Viva Las Vegas... Really enjoyed Fallout 3 head shot.

GoldenGamer2776d ago

War, War never changes

isnt that from MGS4?

Eiffel2776d ago

Um, no.

It's been a continuous quote through all Fallout games, even the spin offs.

Sayai jin2776d ago

No it was in all the Fallouts

ArabianKnight2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Actually in MGS4 it's..

"War has changed"

which make no sense because
War, War never changes !

Kakihara2776d ago

Once I finish (or even start) work on my own videogame I will start it with the words, 'War might change, might not. Definitely hasn't done yet but it could do, I'm not saying it never will or anything just that it hasn't done yet'.

GoldenGamer2776d ago

Fair enough, my mistake :D i dont remember it from fallout 3 though

Triggs2776d ago

That was the very last phrase at the end of the game.

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