Gran Turismo 5: GameFest Video Unveiled Rapid Gameplay Footage

New gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 5 from the GameFest Event in Madrid.

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MGRogue20172953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

... Can I get your autograph? :D

The game looks fantastic! It is like how they say in Paris, Magnifique! :3

Dee_912953d ago

what was that black thing at the end?

Keith Olbermann2953d ago

up until the end. I cant wait for this game.

FrankenLife2953d ago

I am done looking at articles for this game. I want it. I want it really badly. But with the recent delay, my heart has been broken too hard. The next article I want about this game is the announcement that it has gone gold.

poindat2953d ago

Finally, somebody who can actually drive. I never thought I'd see the day. 0_0

GamerGuy1532953d ago

It looks to me as if these cars have little AI intelligence. When he spun out the other cars didn't even make an attempt to go around him. I will be getting this game Day 1 nonetheless but its still sad to see.

wazzim2953d ago

it's alot better than before so that's something.
Getting it day 1 too, whenever it may be.

Keith Olbermann2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Those cars were going very fast...if I turned a corner at that speed and there was an obstacle in front of me I would likely hit it too.

MaximusPrime2953d ago

youtube please....


German site hater

MaximusPrime2953d ago

thanks. just what i needed. better quality

MGRogue20172953d ago

What needs to be done is that this site needs a complete overhaul aswell as have a HD video player. Also have an option to switch the site to English language.

Once they've done that, All is well.

MaximusPrime2953d ago

i agree.

i dont always use my laptop to view that german site.

sometimes video will not work on my iphone or my PS3 and thats why i keep requesting youtube link.

That German site need to use youtube not JWvideo. are they doing it to prevent people finding where the original youtube video is?

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The story is too old to be commented.