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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Xbox 360 Beta Files Leaked

The Call of Duty: Black Ops beta files (Xbox 360) have leaked. The beta can be played by anyone with a JTAGGED Xbox 360. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Xbox 360)

lugia 4000  +   1777d ago
You must have a JTag with a Keyvault
It is useless.
Fishy Fingers  +   1777d ago
Thanks, reading your comment was much simpler than the summary above...
MURKERR  +   1777d ago
lugia,have absolutely no idea what that means,but to me
just going to buy the game sounds alot simpler
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Chaos69  +   1777d ago
This is probably a ploy to get all the hackers stupid enough to play this online.
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JsonHenry  +   1777d ago
Damn, today must be "Black Ops Madness!!" day on N4G. :)
toaster  +   1777d ago
Yep! Everybody gets to bend over and shit money out of their ass and give it to Kotick.
Blaze929  +   1777d ago
"The beta can be played by anyone with JTAGGED xbox 360"
False. The beta is online only and anyone who goes online with a JTAG 360 gets banned literally instantly. Idiots
T9X69  +   1777d ago
Wrong, people use KV's to access online for a certain period of time. Sometimes it's 30min, sometimes it's 4 hours. People with JTAGs are able to use and play this beta online if they buy enough KV's, which is pretty stupid since the game comes out in like 3 weeks.
Silly gameAr  +   1777d ago
Just asking to get banned.
iLLMATICxKiNG  +   1777d ago
This is Fantastic!
Has Microsoft not learned?
They put the beta up for download on xbox.com but you need a code to use it.
Sounds familiar, no?
YES! Halo Reach was leaked and got early.
Same scenario except some ***** got it like that and decided, "Hey! Why don't I hack so everyone else can download it?!"

Jesus. 22 days away, can you really not wait?
JsonHenry  +   1777d ago
For hackers it is not that they can't wait. The thrill of a hack is what they do it for. (and fame in certian circles)

Basically an ego trip.
HSx9  +   1777d ago
bubbles for you, I hate the typical gamer, do not understand hacker's intentions.
outlawlife  +   1776d ago
except the typical xbox "hacker" is 14 and is just doing it to cheat mostly
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enkeixpress  +   1777d ago
This is good news.. It means more gameplay footage videos on YouTube & live streaming on Justin.tv/uStream.tv for us to watch! :D
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MURKERR  +   1777d ago
^seriously? i play games, sitting in front of a monitor watching strangers play a pirated game
is not my idea of fun at all,also the surprise factor will be gone when you actually get to play the game yourself!!!
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jwk94  +   1777d ago
It lets you see if the game is worth buying dude...
GaMe01  +   1777d ago
So this is how it starts , Looks like another repeat of Mw2
venom06  +   1777d ago
LAME and same as the OTHERS...
This game is gona be LAME anyway so its good that it got leaked... AINT NOTHING DIFFERENT BETWEEN THIS AND THE OTHER CoDs THAT HAVE BEEN RELEASED. just a few different bells and whistles....
Fishy Fingers  +   1777d ago
Yep, and your COD rage makes it all the sweeter. Seriously, if your not interested, stop clicking on the threads and leave those that are to it.

Contrary to popular belief, moaning about a game wont sway those who like it round to your point of view.
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No Way  +   1776d ago
@venom06 -
Hmmmm.. "just a few different bells and whistles"

Yeah, just like every other game installment..
This is getting annoying.
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Da_Truth  +   1777d ago
And here we go again...
I bet Microsoft lets this "leaks" happen on purpose so they can have the excuse to release a massive ban wave come Nov 9.
lucifon  +   1777d ago
Yeah i'm sure they leak beta software on purpose so they can ban those partaking in illegal activities ;) /endsarcasm
B-312  +   1776d ago
I hope they do ban all of them.

Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1777d ago
How can you play the beta on a jtag? I thought they all get detected and banned, so how can you play online?
VINNIEPAZ  +   1776d ago
Yes you will get banned. If you read the other posts you would see you can play online until MS detects you and bans you which could take up to around 4-5 hours. Which then you need a new Keyvault to go back online.
FAGOL  +   1777d ago
And so it begins
XXXRATED  +   1777d ago
nice - same old bs no closed ps3 beta no maps till later for ps3 - same perk bs - same anti lag balance bs - same unrealistic sniping - activision = fail again
jay2  +   1777d ago
Is this stuff even news worthy anymore? seorusly it's constantly happerning on 360, I seem to remember over hyped reach for your halo going the same way......
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   1776d ago
Lol @ this epic failure.
DFresh  +   1776d ago
I really wish the beta was for PS3/PC users to play too.
Oh well I'll still get the game to play anyways on PS3.
Paralex  +   1776d ago
The BETA shouldn't be available to the public overall. These are leaked files from the internal BETA and can played on hacked Xbox 360s. There are internal BETAs for the other platform, just the 360 version is available to JTAGs.

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