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Submitted by I-Pod 1941d ago | screenshot

Stunning Comparison Shots of Far Cry 2010

Some stunning comparison screenshots of Far Cry 2010, the upcoming graphics mod, that based on Cryteks CryEngine and Far Cry. (Far Cry, PC)

toaster  +   1941d ago
Good luck getting those textures on console, looool. Maybe next gen, and even then consoles would still probably get hand-me-downs.
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killzowner  +   1941d ago
You serious?
toaster  +   1941d ago
Damn straight I'm serious. While PS3 is still fiddling and trying to max out 7800GTX and 360 Xenos is just too old to be of any relevance, PC is pumping DX11, Advanced DOF, and Tessellation.

You jelly? You mad? Deal with it.
killzowner  +   1941d ago
Lmao, just lmao. *facepalm*
CrawFail  +   1941d ago
It's alright killzoner. I totally agree with you.
ttigass  +   1940d ago
hmm ok...
why dont you tell us what exclusive games on the PC are better than these on ps3? ( by genre )

- Uncharted 2,
- Killzone 2,
- God of War 3,
- Gran Turismo 5,
- Little Big Planet 2,
- Ratchet And Clanck : Crack in Time,
- Heavy Rain,

go ahead...
i dare you!!
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IaMs12  +   1940d ago
He never claimed that the games are better, he is stating that the graphics will ALWAYS be better on the PC. And well, its true.
of course there are games on consoles that are alot more fun then games on the PC DUH! But graphically, support, extra content, the PC wins.
Millah  +   1940d ago
God, why are so many "PC gamers" such snobby douchebags?

I play games on PC too, and I have a top of the line rig, but I don't think I'm some kind of gaming god for it. I play console games more than PC games, a true gamer goes where the games are and doesn't act like a pretentious faggot for having certain games with slightly better visuals.
IaMs12  +   1940d ago
really now... I play both consoles and PC, and im just stating a fact at which is true. I never said anything what games are better what is not.

Nice when you Assume you make an ASS outta U and ME, dumbass
Chromer  +   1941d ago
Take your trolling ass back to /v/ or whatever internet bridge you crawled out from under.
Akagi  +   1941d ago
LOL! Sounds like he just dropped a lot of money on a PC and is trying to justify his purchase by trolling console gamers.

Face it, consoles are on the up and up. I'm a PC gamer and even I can admit that.
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Nihilism  +   1941d ago | Well said
lol, this generations console makers have posted record losses...

The games are also running at a resolution of 720p..when I was running 1600x1200 in 2003 on PC...

Usualy consoles help innovate gaming, this gen they are dragging the chain.

In what way are they on the up and up?

PC sales and profit are INCREASING year on year by record amounts...if anything PC is increasing and consoles are going extinct.

I bet your looking forward to the next $600 console launch, then the argument about hardware costs will go out the window for a while, while that famous console hypocrisy comes out once more.


Nah bro I live with my gf, I get laid a lot in my house though, thanks for playing.
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killzowner  +   1941d ago
Do you get laid a lot in your mum's basement? just wondering. Your gf sounds like a pretty hot troll dude, good for you :) thanks for playing (?)
Pretty appropriate that you have one bubble.

On topic: this looks great, well worth digging out FC1 again for

@ below seriously, seriously I hope one day you manage to get a life and stop forcing your own opinion on other people. Turns out a lot of people don't agree with it, we don't want your trolling about the gaming platform that you <3 with your pen1s 24/7. Just enjoy games and keep your bullcrap to yourself, you end up acting like an *sshole "doesn't know what the shit you're talking about" so just leave it out and get back under your bridge.
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toaster  +   1941d ago
Pretty appropriate that you're a console gamer who doesn't know what the shit you're talking about. Wouldn't you agree?

@ above

lol Calm down bro you're full on mad. I do have a life. That's why I can afford PC components.. herp derp.
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killzowner  +   1941d ago
Gonna repost this, just for you, since you didn't understand it
seriously I hope one day you manage to get a life and stop forcing your own opinion on other people. Turns out a lot of people don't agree with it, we don't want your trolling about the gaming platform that you <3 with your pen1s 24/7. Just enjoy games and keep your bullcrap to yourself, you end up acting like an *sshole "doesn't know what the shit you're talking about" so just leave it out and get back under your bridge.

lol @ oxymoron "I do have a life.... afford PC components" - I think you've missed the point troll ;)
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CrawFail  +   1941d ago
Killzoner.. I take it back.

You're an idiot. Can't you see you're the one trolling? The mum's basement line is such a cliche it's unreal. Are you 12?
You have to have something wrong with you to resort to absolutely pathetic personal insults like that. Take a leaf from your own book, mate and "Just enjoy games and keep your bullcrap to yourself".
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shazui123  +   1940d ago
@ crawfail
If you genuinely think that either toaster or dchalfont deserve to troll like that and he doesn't then I feel sorry for you.
IaMs12  +   1940d ago
I honestly dont understand how people can claim that a console can produce better graphics then a high end PC. ALSO, if you want to get technical a console is a PC! just watered down to a controller and more limited to stuff, thats all it is.
Sayai jin  +   1941d ago
Really "Hand Me Downs"?
@toaster-Too bad games just aren't about graphics. I have been a PC gamer since the Commodore and Adam computers in the 80's. I own 5 PC's/MAC and 2 laptops (1 for business). One of my PC's are capable of running Crysis at full specs and one on almost ultra high specs. I own all three current gen consoles and I still enjoy rather just sit down and play my consoles over my PC's. Just a personal preference. PC gaming great too. Why do you have to say "hand-me-downs". After over 3 years I still do not get this site, people always sniping other platforms/consoles.

Game on...
mittwaffen  +   1940d ago
Toaster, you know...
This is Farcry made off the PC version right?

The article has (Farcry, PC) listed too, what does a console have anything to do with it? Sure you have the odd delusional person on here that doesn't understand memory, and limitations.

Regardless, your comment has nothing to do with this being a PC mod.
El_Colombiano  +   1941d ago
I really hate these .de websites. I can't even compare the images. One is super small wtf.


Ah that helps a bit. Although the screen of the original textures is still significantly smaller than the re texture. They should have a Lens of Truth comparison where you put your mouse over the image to change it.
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I-Pod  +   1941d ago
Klick on "Bild in Originalgröße" ;)
enkeixpress  +   1941d ago
Whoever built this mod has state of the art talent.
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Triggs  +   1941d ago
Whoever worked on the mod must love FarCry too much. It's a 6-year old game but still fun to play nonetheless.
wenaldy  +   1941d ago
Kinda ironic, Far Cry 2 was borefest..
Sayai jin  +   1941d ago
I really enjoyed it.
Tron_Rocks  +   1940d ago
looks really good
I have converted to console gaming, and even though it looks better does not mean it is funner to play on the pc both offline and especially online. 360 does about the best job here. This is proof we need a new Xbox/PS4 and you are incorrect in saying they could not handle this. That is total crap based on nothing but your blind faith and devotion the PC
theonlylolking  +   1940d ago
Both version graphics are crap
tenmohican  +   1940d ago
I wanna see what those would look like on a $299 PC
The pc elite stench is strong in this thread. That is definately a sweet looking mod, however.
killzowner  +   1940d ago
Just pop their idiotic fanboy bubbles and move on. Toaster is down to three from five after this thread, all is good :)

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