Nathan Hale is dead, confirmed by latest issue of GI

Gamersmint : The latest issue of Game Informer has confirmed that Resistance 2's hero, Nathan Hale is is dead.

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NAGNEWS2894d ago

i don't think so, he is not dead.

cyborg2894d ago

and it states clearly that Nathan Hale is dead in the game. PM me if you want to see it

NAGNEWS2894d ago

ya i saw him dead in R2 but somehow he will return at the end of R3 as the final boss.

cyborg2894d ago

unlikely as GI has said that he didn't turn into a Chimera but was killied by Capelli before the infection could claim him. Also, it would be a disgrace to make Hale a enemy after all he did in R 2.

pain777pas2894d ago

Even if Hale is truly dead (which did shock me)Cappelli did not want to do it and in someway he will have an influence on RE3. Hale will still be mentioned. Im going to play RE2 again to get a feel for Cappelli as a character. I liked his no nonsense Hale attitude from start to finish. Insomniac Rocks!

GWAVE2894d ago

@ cyborg

One of the best things about Diablo II is that you were tracking (and eventually fighting) the hero from the original gam.

tacosRcool2894d ago

he was turning into a Chimera so he would either be one or had to just kill himself. Nathan Hale is dead

PS3Freak2894d ago

I really don't think he is dead. With all the power he had at the end of Resistance 2, one bullet to the head would not kill him.

Karum2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Watch the latest episode of the Full Moon Show, it's a R2 retrospective video - Episode 57.

They mention in here that Hale is dead.


PirateThom2894d ago

Hale is dead, but so was Shephard.

I'm fairly certain he's in the sense he's no longer Hale, but, like Shephard, has been mutated and overcome by the Chimeran virus.


It says Malikov was able to secure a blood sample off of Hale after Capelli killed him. Tell me this, how was Malikov able to get a blood sample off Hale if he was still a mutated Chi8meran badass? I'm sure they checked his pulse and stuff before drawing blood, etc.

Insomniac has said many times that he's dead, including official press releases like the GI special. Face it: Hale is dead.

dinkeldinkse2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

That doesn't make sense since Malikov committed suicide right after Hale and Capelli left to meet Blake's team to get the bomb in the Last Mission of the game. It's intel in R2. Either someone fucked up the intel in R2, GI fucked this up, or Insomniac fucked up the story in R3.


Read the GI article. Malikov is your sidekick throughout the whole R3 campaign. He decided not to kill himself.

CoxMulder2894d ago

"I really don't think he is dead. With all the power he had at the end of Resistance 2, one bullet to the head would not kill him."

That's what I thought, but it's just the difference between gameplay devices & storytelling.

Like Radec (KZ2) could take multiple shotgun shells to the face, only to kill himself with a single shot from a handgun.

bananlol2894d ago

Jordan Shepard and Nathan Hale was infected with a diffrent virus than the other sentinels, if my memory serves me i believe it was refered to as a pure/original sample. The only reason hale didnt turn into a daedalus was because he got infected with the common virus too.

The quote "Can you hear them? They are calling us. It is beautiful." are uttered by both hale and shepard after they "turn"k aside from the queen in retribution no chimera speaks. Ín a intel report it is stated daedalus immediately took control of the chimeran forces after he escaped.

if you take all this into consideration it would appear that both shepard and hale was turning into the creatures who originally created the chimera, who obviously could youse telepathy. so perhaps hales body is lost but that doent mean his mind is.

PS3Freak2894d ago

^^^ interesting theory.

No FanS Land2894d ago

It would one huge slap in the face for the fans.

DORMIN2894d ago


Did the writer not play Resistance 2 all the way through?

bananlol2894d ago

I do believe the most interesting aspect of the resistance series is the purpose of the chimeran towers. And who blew up the main tower 65 million years ago in what now is the mexican gulf, initiating the fifth extinction.

dinkeldinkse2894d ago

Insomniac better explain why Malikov didn't commit suicide. After creating the Cloven and Daedalus, Malikov thought he doomed humanity and thought Capelli and Hale would fail at killing Daedalus so he thought he deserved to die.

sikbeta2894d ago

ehhh... guys....

"Capelli - It's been an honor, sir"


Megaton2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Capcom clearly stated that Jill Valentine was dead in RE5, even showing a pic of her tombstone. Game came out and guess what?

I think Hale's gonna be a boss. If they really just leave him dead in R2 with an uneventful bullet to the head, I've lost a bit of respect for Insomniac. That's just poor design and writing.

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ActionBastard2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Capelli blew the back of his head off at the end of R2. He's dead. That's not to say he was so far in his transformation, he couldn't survive as something else. But yes, Nathan Hale is dead.

jony_dols2894d ago

Thanks N4G,
I still haven't got around to completing R2.

Why is this article on the hottest news? its headline alone is a massive spoiler.

ActionBastard2892d ago

Next time, don't wait so long.

OneSneakyMofo2894d ago

Thanks for ruining Resistance 2 for those who haven't played, jackasses.

Mr Tretton2894d ago

I've played it, but you're right, the title of this should be altered to 'Resistance 2 (SPOILER) info'

No FanS Land2894d ago

well it's been 2 years since R2 came out. Don't complain cuz you didn't bother to play it.

Mr Tretton2894d ago

No FanS Land, I have games going back a few years that I haven't been able to get around to. Physically impossible to play everything the moment it comes out unless you have no life and a money tree.

vickers5002894d ago

Then why aren't you playing those games right now instead of commenting on articles of them? If you are at work/school/someplaceyoucan 9;tplayyourps3 then fine, but that still begs the question, why are you in the article reading comments of what is obviously an article talking about Resistance 2 plot points?

That would be like me going into a "10 most memorable plot twists" article with Heavy Rain as the thumbnail, then getting pissed off that people were talking about it in the comments.

Mr Tretton2894d ago

vickers, the spoiler is in the headline!

Bloodraid2894d ago

*Mario Spoiler*
The princess is in another tower.

jony_dols2894d ago


Im in work at the moment and I decided to check N4G at lunch.
And this article just ruined the single player campaign of R2,
in which I just bought new, 2 weeks ago.

Do you expect me to haul my PS3 into work or on the bus, when i go on the internet on my phone?

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interrergator2894d ago

ya never know though he could be the last boss of the game it could haunt joe in his nightmare but wat if insomniac is sayin that and all of a sudden it could be a surprise we will just have to wait till the game comes out :):):)

Jamegohanssj52894d ago

He's coming back as the Terminator.


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SPARDA_4262894d ago

he could still be in the game. like as a zombie boss

sinncross2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

This article is a bit misleading.

GI are just stating that the story revolves around Hale being dead...

For all we know he pops up in the game as some story twist.: GI haven't finished the game, they wouldn't know.

Makidian2894d ago

Yeah, I'll believe he's dead when I beat the game and don't see him through the course of it all.

cyborg2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

there's no spoiler in here, this will be known since the start of Resistance 3

topgeareasy2894d ago

you haven't played resistance 2 yet lol

phatak2894d ago

dude I bought resistance 2 yesterday!!! B4 started the game im spoiled. this is bs. Why a spoiler in the title?

PirateThom2894d ago

It's a two year old game, but still sucks for people who haven't played it yet.

NoLongerHere2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Thanks for this 2 years old news. :p

cyborg2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

How may I ask?

AFAIK, the ending of R 2 didn't show Hale as being dead.

NoLongerHere2894d ago

Well, Capelli shot him in the head ! :D

user13372894d ago

seriously, what ended did you see?? I recall quite clearly him being shot in the head! Now call me pessimistic....but a headshot usually is fatal.

PS3Freak2894d ago

Usually it is fatal, but think about how much power he had at the end of the game. One shot to the head would not kill someone like Hale.

sdtarm2894d ago


saint_john_paul_ii2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

what game did you play? cause the game that i played 2 years ago showed capelli turning Hales brain into a slushy

CoxMulder2894d ago

Well Daedalus was bulletproof, why wouldn't Hale be? He obviously had Daedalus-like powers towards the end..

Don't get me wrong, I've accepted he's dead.

But if they don't explain more about it in part 3, it's a bit of a weakness in the plot in my opinion.

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MGRogue20172894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Okay.. so he is dead.

Nothing we can do about that..

TheLastGuardian2894d ago

I liked Hale. Why did you have to go and kill off the main character? Maybe they're pulling a Jaffe surprise on us.