Crysis 2 | Nano Edition packshots revealed

EA have released Nano Edition packshots for the hot hot hot upcoming 2011 Crysis 2.
Crysis 2 is one of the most anticipated games of 2011, coming out of last June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo with 25 nominations and 12 awards including “Best Shooter” from and “Best Graphics” from Gamespot,com. The game’s multiplayer is being developed by Crytek’s specialist multiplayer studio, Crytek UK. Just like the gripping single-player campaign, Crysis 2 multiplayer will grant players the superhuman powers of the Nanosuit, allowing them to be the weapon as they utilize their powers against each other across, above and below various locations and landmarks throughout New York City.

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awiseman2832d ago

Im actually going to use my $20 halo reach credit on this game on Amazon and keep my money form craptivision.

mook10222832d ago

Where's the flippin' PS3 nano edition, t'aint on EA's site!!!

Fishy Fingers2832d ago

Well there's an image of it at this link, so if it's the PS3 version your after, looks like there no need to worry.

Me, I'll take the standard or a download. Never interested in all the paraphernalia.

Twilightx72832d ago

Actually, it's odd, but on the EA Store where you can pre-order this, I see no PS3 Nano Edition, just 360 and PC editions. What's the deal?

r0gueZA2832d ago

hmmm, thats odd. I'll try find out whats the deal from EA

Hazmat132832d ago

take out the backpack and you gotta deal

FragMnTagM2832d ago

I just got an invite into the closed beta. Does anyone know the price of the pack off hand?

r0gueZA2832d ago

Ive only seen the UK price of 119pounds

maniac762832d ago

yeah,the backpack isnt all that,but the 11'statue is awesome

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