Resistance 3 Isn't the Last in the Series

PS3Center Writes: "There wasn't a whole lot revealed regarding certain aspect about online and such, but there were big clues hidden within the words. There is a small segmant in the feature that talks about the future of Insomniac. Now being a multi-platform developer, Insomniac stressed that they are still indeed dedicated to PS3 fans. However it does state one other thing about future games."

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thor2858d ago

No I don't think it's very good.

It means that the story won't wrap up in R3.

It means that at the end of R3 you destroy a tower or something and then it ends without us knowing who the chimera are, whether humanity will survive or die out etc.

This is the major problem with games - you always have to leave them open to sequels and so the story will never properly conclude. That's why I liked the FF series because they started fresh each time and actually ended with a "saved the world" ending.

Hideo_Kojima2858d ago

But loads of games are like what you said.

Uncharted 1 was like that...
Uncharted 2 had another closed ending...
MGS4 had a pretty closed ending with a saved the world feeling.

tacosRcool2858d ago

Good = awesome

Lets hope they don't overdo it just like the Halo series

acky12858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I agree with Thor. A trilogy would nicely round off the series (with Hale as a final boss? would make for a great ending).

I don't like how sequels continually get pumped out from some developers. it's obviously a huge risk to create a whole new game but I'd like to see more devs go for it.

Anymore than 2 games of a series in one generation is pushing it imo.

gaffyh2858d ago

I was actually hoping for a trilogy, so that the story finished. But seeing how the story ended in R2, you can see that the story is too open-ended for them to be able to finish it properly in R3.

bananlol2858d ago

I like the fact that a lot of mysteries have persisted over the cause of the 3 games released. Few game series does this. For instance, after playing halo 1-2 i could make a calculated guess how the 3rd would turn out, and came really close. And thats not fun. (I used halo as an example not to start something, but just because its one of the few game series i have extencive knowledge of.)

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Quagmire2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

10 bucks says Capelli gets his brains blown out at the end.

deafwing2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

the way they treat main characters in resistance - that sounds like a good ol' time :p

big_silky2858d ago

i hope not, they're fun games.

King-Leonidas2858d ago

i still remember playing Resistance multiplayer with friends

dangert122858d ago

its only this gen resistance came out if you did't remember it you would have an awful memory lol

TrevorPhillips2858d ago

I loved R2 and now cannot wait for R3 :D

Def Warrant2858d ago

I suspect they will make spin offs for the psp. Hopefully they continue the series with a new protagonist on the ps3 as well.

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