The Canadian Press Review: 'Medal of Honor' not as assaulting as 'Call of Duty'

The Canadian Press writes: "It's unfortunate that "Medal of Honor," the reboot of the 11-year-old military shooter franchise set in present-day Afghanistan, was banned from being sold on U.S. military bases because the video game's single-player campaign is more an interactive tribute to troops fighting in the Middle East than any other shoot-'em-up."

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DeathGazer2710d ago

So disappointing.

EA should've rebooted the Desert Strike series instead.

writersblock2710d ago

It always boils to down gameplay. COD had a shitton of faults, but the gameplay is fun and easily accessable. MOH is fun, but the gunplay gets frustrating

Cyrus3652710d ago

Wow lowest score I've seen yet.