Most Incredible Xbox 360 Deal Before The Holidays and LIVE Price Increase

TQcast writes: The Holiday sales competition between video game companies will soon take off, but just in case you want to get a head start, check out this incredible Xbox 360 Slim Bundle that comes with everything needed to get you on LIVE plus much more! A deal like this is only found on Black Friday.

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MURKERR2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

but business is business and people pay for live whether they like it or not, live gives ms one of their biggest revenues in their gaming section it was reported.

do i agree with the price hike or even paying to play online? HELL NO i wouldnt pay to play online, but who in their right mind would turn their back on a cash cow would any of you say no to guaranteed millions for your company?

i say good luck to is working for them.

Desz2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I agree, plus Amazon,, Newegg and so on usually offer great deals on 12 month of LIVE. Most Live subscribers don't pay the full retail price and this is another great example.

HarryMonogenis2777d ago

"Most Live subscribers don't pay the full retail price and this is another great example."

And I'm one of those people. I get 12 month (+2 extra months free) for £33.

Fred-G-Sanford2777d ago

Yup, I got three 12 month Xbox Live subscriptions for $25-$30 each over the last year and a half or so, so I am good to go for another couple of years.

kasasensei2777d ago

"Most Live subscribers don't pay the full retail price"

ImpartialMan2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

most people just pay 1 year with their credit card without thinking there maybe cheaper way.

example?? my nephew.

another example?? my friend who buys it at GS.

its only small portion of hardcore gamers....
so lets stop all this i got 12 month sub at discount bs argument.

I got my PS3 240 USD with a 20 percent deal while back.

i dont go around saying "PS3 is actually 240 bucks"

Fred-G-Sanford2777d ago

I don't care if everyone pays $500 a month for Xbox Live, I get it for $25-$30 a year.

u mad?

limewax2777d ago

Actually the 2 year deal MS has been offering on live was pretty acceptible anyway. 2 years for £67 with 1400 points chucked in. If it wasnt for that MS would have lost me, However after that runs out I wont be paying anymore, especially since the consoles life-cycle end will be drawing near

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MURKERR2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

people pay for it,its making microsoft the corporation millions so i can see why they continue with it.

personally i believe if you buy a game that has online capabilities for your online capable console that you also bought,you shouldnt then have to pay extra to enjoy the games online feature,in my eyes its wrong.but the business man side of me would stick with it in ms's shoes who would say no to free millions when people pay?

just my honest opinion

gamingdroid2777d ago

Technically speaking, Xbox Live (or online play) is a service and services rarely if ever tend to be free. It's just that the industry started with free online play and so we have come to expect that, but that business model no longer works today and that is why we get a lot of P2P powered online gaming.

That is not to say that Xbox Live fee is actually helping that at all, but it is just a matter of time before Activision or EA starts charging you for online play on-top of Xbox Live. In fact, you might argue that Xbox Live/PSN prevents people from charging an additional fee on top of the service.

Garnett2777d ago

I had an Xbox up until the increase in Xbox live, and i dont wanna hear "Inflation" i dont give 2 shits about inflation, they are raising the price due to inflation, yet im not getting a bigger pay check cause of inflation. They are already making a fucking profit on XBox Live, yet the greedy bastards increase the price, suck it M$.

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Apotheosize2777d ago

Youre still paying for a feature that is free on every other gaming platform, deal with it kid

2777d ago
Apotheosize2777d ago

You cant even form a proper sentence. "I pay for something therefore it is superior" - this is the best example. Ignorant people who think its "About the money". Its not, its about the principle, which you seem to not understand. Also go read your old posts, you sound very childish to me. Lets take this for example..

"have u played halo reach?didn't think so thereful you're a clueless little bitch my xbox 360 and nintendo wii and dsixl is a special gift from my mother and you think im going to get rid of it for a ps3 and killzone3?you must be shitting yourself idiot heck when i had my ps3 i traded it for this xbox 360 i played pokemon more then i played killzone2 or any other game made by sony so really why do i give a fuck about your killzone?"

You sound very butthurt.

JoeReno2777d ago

And your mothers "special" gift to the N4G is you. Awwww


Narutone662777d ago

*joined Oct. 16, 2010
Yep, just a idiot troll with a new account confirmed.

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JoeReno2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Yeah all company's are as greedy as people will allow then, and this is why I do my gaming on platforms that don't charge me extra to play online. So, I'm the one lol. If people stopped buying gold accounts all together don't you think they might try a different approch?

Also if Sony keeps putting out great exclusives like 2011s line up they just might take ownership of dear ol mom and grandma

bustamove2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

At least Sony gives a *choice* between paid services and free online services.

Microsoft doesn't even give you that choice.

No one ever claimed Sony were saints either so I don't know why you said that in the first place.

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kasasensei2777d ago

Too bad you can't play coop in Halo Reach with this one.

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