Complete Famitsu review scores

In addition to reviewing games like Vanquish, Famitsu also reviewed Move titles including one of the first Time Crisis: Razing Storm scores, Beat Sketcher, and more. The magazine also reviewed titles such as R.U.S.E. and Strike Witches 2.

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FlyWestbrook2685d ago

The Time Crisis score probably means like a 7 from most other places.

Quagmire2684d ago

So? you get 3 games on one disc. Who can't be happy about that?

rdgneoz32684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Yep, 3 games on one disc, co-op, one having online multiplayer, and it all being $50. Whats not to be happy about?

p.s. Giggity

tacosRcool2684d ago

probably still gonna be better than the over hyped Vanquish

cosmiccowboy2684d ago

... 39/40 for the new naruto game?


Nihilism2684d ago

It seems like famistsu's range of scores are only ever 38-40/40

DigitalAnalog2684d ago

Pretty much am baffled with Famitsu's score (after that FFXIII's 39/40). I think it's the fact that the game really is a quality game true to the manga.

-End statement

Akagi2684d ago

Shame that the manga isn't quality.

DigitalAnalog2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

After the first 30 or so chapters of after Kakashi's Gaiden. Yeah, I agree...

-End statement

RockmanII72684d ago

can you give a 4 hour game with no multiplayer a score that high? If Game Informer is right and the game is about 4 hours long, I think Famitsu is taking checks underneath the table.

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EazyC2684d ago

This was already submitted!