Disc-less Netflix Could Mean New Possibilities for PlayStation Home

"Just this past week, Sony revealed the new and improved disc-less Netflix application for the PlayStation 3 in North America along with the UK’s new LOVEFiLM. This new advancement will mean significantly improved video streaming options on the console, but one has to wonder just how this will affect the PS3′s interactive social network, PlayStation Home."

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JonnyBigBoss2864d ago

Home has a lot of potential and an addition like this would be revolutionary.

saint_john_paul_ii2864d ago

thats the problem. this needs to happen, but sony are going to ignore it. i really dont understand why..

The home team has to join up with the firmware team ASAP.

NJShadow2864d ago

Ain't that the truth. "Potential" has been used in the same sentence as "Home" for so long now. I think it all has to do with those at the top of Home. The problem is that virtual item sales are so good, that those REALLY high up at Sony don't even care to bat an eyelash. This leaves Home all to a select group of individuals, who can basically do with it as they please, which is really unfortunate, because over the last 2-3 years, we've seen very few major strides in the community. Let's just hope things change starting here.

8-bit2864d ago

I have wanted Netflix in home since the beginning. The Home theater is a really fun place to meet up with friends and watch videos together and talk about them. If you and a friend enter at the same time the videos will play at the same time. I would love to watch netflix movies and tv shows online with friends.

JackBNimble2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Home could have been cool, but really , it ain't! Ofcoures there is potential but sony hasen't done anything with it to make the hard core want to have anything to do with it.

I have seen people in home who play NO games, who have not one trophy (which is beyond me), thats good in one aspect, but sony needs to intice the core gamer a give us a reason to go into home.

Give us a reason Sony , really!

edit: sorry I've been drinking...glug glug

Godmars2902864d ago

It might be part of the miscommunication/online support issues Sony JP is having with EU and US. The last two want more social functions because its popular in the West, While the opposite is true in Japan. And Japan calls all the shots.

More than Netflex however, personal file/movie viewing needs to happen in Home. Even if it gets abused.

gamerzBEreal172864d ago

this would make people care about home and could be better for everyone more people on home mean more things sold in home more things sold in home means money for sony to put into firmware updates etc this should happend i dont see why not

8-bit2864d ago

You make a great point.

jukins2864d ago

you know you're right in fact too right for it to become true.

dontbhatin2864d ago

i believe that this is going to end up happenning. it might take forever since sony usually takes forever to integrate stuff into the system. but it will happen. :)

Saint-Revlot2864d ago

I know it's unrelated but I just needed to post it SOMEWHERE.

On Topic: This indeed could open new possibilities. But I don't think Sony focus too much on home. I could be wrong though. I hope I am.

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