Gamers Debate “No Taliban” MOH Controversy: Which side are you on?


"A few weeks ago we held a competition inviting gamers to voice their opinion on the recent backflip by EA where they changed the name of the Taliban to Opposing Forces.

To be honest I personally was confused as to why EA would be keen to produce a game about a modern real ongoing war when they must have witnessed the outcry over Six Days In Falluja (a game that was going to use real veterans’ experiences).

That game has disappeared off the radar, but EA foolishly (or if I was a cynic I’d say purposely for publicity) forged ahead with a game about Afghanistan that allows gamers to play as the enemy Taliban in multiplayer.

Then they backfliped and change the name. Were they doing the Modern Warfare 2 “No Russian” thing, courting controversy to get people talking?"

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MURKERR2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

as we all no controversy sells, bad press is still press and has people talking about you,EA are smart knowing there going up against COD what better way to keep your game on the tip of peoples tongues than do something that they know will cause outrage and hurt to many people but YET give your game the publicity it wouldnt get otherwise

im not going to be a pawn in this silly little EA mind game or the sites that write about it.

gaminoz2859d ago

Yes I agree. I believe that under 'artistic license' and attempting to be a 'mature game' Modern Warfare 2 started all this "lets be insensitive and get attention' publicity with "No Russian" level. They knew it because they even made the level "skip-able".

Now MOH is copying the modern setting and also doing the attention grabbing with Taliban, but then to please the maximum, they pull out of it.

Time to leave modern warfare altogether and get with something more interesting!

BadCircuit2859d ago

This article really makes me think. The debate is a valid one. There are points on both sides so after reading this article I don't know where I stand.

RBlaze2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

... I mean 'we' as in people who aren't involved in the fighting (so no disrespect to anyone who has commented/ has opinions who is involved in any way atall)...

I could sit and make reasons for both sides, but the fact is, I don't know how the people (soldiers, relatives and friends) feel. It doesn't matter if I read what some say, it wont make me experience how it feels to have them portrayed killing co forces...

Chug2859d ago

It's just a name. Just like I have my real name, as well as a nickname. Either one of which my friends choose to call me, I'm still me! Nobody can change that. This is just a form of censorship, which I condone. People need to stop being so sensitive.

Whether it was for publicity or not, who knows. Any publicity is good publicity.

MURKERR2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

but where do we draw the line? i understand what your saying though i think its wrong to pick and choose what can and cannot be censored. its a confusing one,,its a big debate i could get into with you but i wont its too deep for n4g lol

i do disagree that any publicity is good publicity though ive never understood that saying,like i said bad press still gives you press,but does it give you good publicity? i cant agree on that

Chug2859d ago

Yes, this is definitely too big of a debate for the majority here on N4G, lol. But yeah, publicity is always good, just like your credit score. You're better off having bad credit than no credit at all when it comes time to getting a loan. I guess it's just how the world goes around.

gaminoz2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Well they could have been a bit more 'subtle'. I mean if we are an intelligent lot (which we are) then they could have used the old Animal Farm method: Tell the story by using imaginary setting and groups.

Why bother upsetting anyone?

The two perspectives in the article are interesting: also the fact that one is US and the other comes from Oz. Both countries have troops that have died over there too.

ultramoot2859d ago

Is this thing still doing the rounds? Starting to get a bit old, isn't it? As for the name, they can call it whatever they damn well please. I don't care. In fact, nobody should. It's a game, not real life.

gaminoz2859d ago

I think the article is from a comp so the arguments came from average every day gamers for a change.

xino2859d ago

whose side?
the taliban side!

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