Evolution of a Gamer: Episode 1

Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation watches another gamer begin his journey, and asks you to follow along. Read about passing gaming on to the next generation, and how a parent learned gaming lessons as well.

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JimmyJames702860d ago

Being a Dad, I really liked reading this article. Good stuff.

averyzoe2860d ago

Gaming with your kids just brings the whole experience to new level. Sure, you get to play a lot less, but it is so great sharing something you enjoy with them.

djcitizend2860d ago

Once I have children, it will be a great pleasure of mine to immerse them into gaming culture. I'm thankful my dad got me involved in gaming at a young age!

retrovertigo2860d ago

Good article! Being a parent and a gamer, I find less and less time to game, but I also enjoy sharing my hobby with my children. That, to me, is extremely satisfying. I can't wait to see the technology that my children will be using on a daily basis and playing games on.

sykora2860d ago

Once I'm a parent, I can't wait to play games with my kids.

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The story is too old to be commented.