Microsoft warns of Kinect shortages; Playstation Move stutters in the US

Microsoft has begun warning consumers about the possibility of Kinect hardware shortages when the Xbox 360 motion controller comes out next month.

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Silly gameAr2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Never heard of a lot of these sites, like Does it make the site any less credible? You tell me.

ImpartialMan2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

300k in 1 months.. you tell me

this whole thing seems fishy

rroded2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

"In the United States, estimated sales have been tallied to about around 300,000 units. Across the globe sales of Sony's Move controller have exceeded expectations in Europe, with over 1.5 million units now sold since it launched"

his 300k came straight out of his rear fact is we have to wait till sony releases the numbers. We can speculate all you want since they haven't but you cant say they only sold 300k to date in the usa cause patcher said so.

GreenRingOfLife2710d ago

Hmm, Kinect selling out while move struggling to sell

I wonder what this means

AmericanPsycho232710d ago

All I know is that my Move controller has been on back order for over a month here in the US

HolyOrangeCows2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

So this is just a regurgitation of Greenberg and Pachter paraphrases that we've already read in other articles days ago? Whoopie.

Reported as old.

Yep, because the "US equals the world" and "Pachter is always accurate"

ImpartialMan2710d ago

Lol. nice try troll

btw, there has been numerous report of Move shortage in US.

Lol. stutter my ass.

MysticStrummer2710d ago

If it was true it would mean gaming is about to have another crash. Luckily, the Move exists to counteract the lameness of Kinect and is selling just fine. The Wii is ok for what it is, but they should have taken the extra development time to make it as precise as Move. Gaming will survive Kinect, but after watching the last two E3s I can't blame anyone for being worried. One year of prerecorded videos with badly synched actors is one thing, but two years in a row...? Wow.

nskrishna22709d ago

maybe then you'll buy a PS3..:P

I kid, I kid..

inveni02709d ago

First of all, we all know that Move will succeed because Sony will get behind it and support the development of killer apps no matter what it takes--just as they did with PS3.

Second, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Kinect will sell millions. But that doesn't mean it's any good. After it sells millions and people realize it's crap, sales will drop and it will disappear. I feel it will follow in Halo: ODST's footsteps. It will sell millions because of marketing and name recognition (e.g. being connected to the 360), but people will quickly be disappointed and it will not have strong continuous sales. Besides initial launch, Kinect sales will struggle.

Narutone662709d ago

MS sponsored website to spread FUD. I pity the people who's going to buy Kinect.

Lykon2709d ago

Yeah the whole thing smells of unwashed vaginas

The wii has sold pretty well but it took me only 5 mins of playing with my friends wii to realize the controller didn't work...I don't even have to try kinect to see it works less well than even the wii controller. As for the apparent sales figures or not, anybodys guess I suppose.

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MURKERR2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

what i find hilarious is its a known practice to over dramatise shortages to try and get consumers to panic buy nintendo did it wii,sony did it with ps3 slim and its clear as day microsoft are doing it with kinect especially in the UK where sites are reporting game had sold out yet game new nothing about it,and my brother ordered it!!!!!

we are seeing many stories on moves sales in USA, well Europe's 1.5 million sales goes to show USA does not = THE WORLD

kinect wishes to sell 3 million by christmas, move has sold 2million and is yet to be released in japan, why are we not reading congratulation articles regarding sony who will probably sell 3 million by christmas once japan gets their hands on move?

good luck to kinect and microsoft but these sites seriously need to stop their childish articles to garner hits and start telling WHOLE truths

Nitrowolf22710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Yeah pretty much
i have no doubt that Kinect will sell more then MOVE on Launch day
It will be interesting to see how MOVE does in Japan the 21st, but 2million in one month is great, i mean like you said MS aims to hit 3 million by holiday, so November and December is 2 month, in comparison with MOVE 2 month it should easily hit over 3 million as well. I mean i wouldn't be surprised if Kinect does more then 3 million but all in all its the same right? I mean you got the competition expecting over 3 million and your own company device that is suppose to go head and head against it is nearly the competition mark, what does that say?

can't wait for these articles about how Kinect outsold Move on launch, ect,ect ,and ect...

why are people so concentrated on sales of these devices and who is going to sell more?

I am sorry but shouldn't the Software for these devices be more important when out already know both of them are going to end up selling great?

Da_Truth2710d ago

well said, very intelligent comment

bustamove2709d ago

Yep, I agree. Good comment.

visualb2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

every time I see an flame article from a random website that's probably brand new, I just ignore it
its a cheap way to get hits:

a) start gaming website
b) add a few pointless regurgitated news articles to give it some meat
c) write up some random article on a "hot topic" including already released quotes, out of context
d) come to N4G, make an account, submit, get friends to make accounts and / or rely on fanboys
e)*optional* if people complain, come into comments section and preform damage control

thats IT, your site will have hundreds of hits IN MINUTES!
thats how HHG did it...isn't it?
@ Murkerr - true...1.9 Mil without japan + yet to see holz, Kinect hopes for 3 mil...thats right =O didn't think of it

basically = both will sell equally, neither will out do the wii xD

r1sh122709d ago

@murkerr and nitrowolf2,
yea I agree. Many articles tend to be speculation and projections, however with the crazy uptake of the wii im not fully convinced that Japan will flock straight to the move. Yes it will sell well but not phenomenal, im sure it will pick up around the world. The other kid who was talking about game stopping kinect pre-orders, its online only. The store allocation is down the the turnover for each store, in some areas microsoft merchandise may sell better, in others sony will. In the very large stores they both sell well, im sure it will be down to allocation of units. I know in my local game store stopped taking pre-orders because they are not sure whether they will be allocated enough units. If the entire united kingdom has a certain number of units and the online stores like amazon, play etc get a bigger share then it leaves other stores a little stuck.
Im sure move will get over 3 million, it just depends on the uptake of it. Sony have made a mistake to have Sony japan call all the shots for world wide territories, MS take a little approach where the local region division does all the PR and marketing.
The real swinger for most will be the games that are out for the hardware, Sony have yet to launch more titles and MS have some pretty terrible games out too.
Again only time will tell

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Raoh2710d ago

neowin isnt so much an xbox fan site its more like a microsoft windows and anything else microsoft fansite

Silly gameAr2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

That's the thing. I'm pretty sure Kinect will sale more than Move. It is, what it is pretty much. What I want to know is, what's really more important to posters on N4G. The actual games, or which console is ahead of the other.

Is it really gaming and awesome games that we're here to promote, or the sales that seem to dominate a lot of the article comments that I've seen. Is it the true gaming that each system offers that drives gamers today, or the sales that everyone seems to be focused on.

Is it for fun anymore or is it the sales that's going to drive gaming forward from here on.

MNicholas2710d ago

that Move is selling that well in Europe. They must have done a lot more advertising than they did here.

I have seen literally zero ads for Move.

As for Kinect, this is surely just Microsoft playing their usual fake "beware of shortages" game to artificially generate some "momentum."

New Microsoft product. Old Microsoft tactics.

moparful992709d ago

I've seen move add in magazines, on tv, and all over the internet.. Don't know what you are talking about...

jony_dols2710d ago

I don't know where MS are pulling these numbers from,

but from all the negative feedback i've been hearing and reading about the
Kinect over the past few months, I don't know who's actually 'buying' it.

What serious gamers on N4G (regardless of petty fanboy rivalry) would actually spend $150 on it?

Seriously who is buying this?

jony_dols2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

To disagreers,

have you pre-ordered Kinect?

If not, and you are desperately trying to defend the Kinect,
why not spend $150 and show your faith in the hardware.

Please post scans of pre-order receipts or confirmation of purchase emails.

GrandTheftZamboni2710d ago

Good question who's buying this. Some people buy diet drinks and I have no idea why, unless they're diabetic. They taste like crap, they are sweetened by a synthetic sweetener, so they're probably not good for you. I guess every merchandise finds its buyer.

onanie2710d ago

Did Pachter simply extrapolate that only 300k move was sold simply because around 300k PS3 consoles were sold in the last NPD data? Not just a coincidence, I think, and all these nameless websites seem to be running off the same Pach-analysis.

There are certainly anecdotal reports about Move being sold out in parts of US, so it must be doing reasonably well, or at least exceeding Sony's expectations (and shipments) for the region.

Sheikh Yerbouti2709d ago

Probably NPD numbers they actually bought. I believe what Pachter says about the past, not necessarily the future. I think the 300K is reliable.

With Halo Reach, I think 300K is decent. Still Sony has to drop this slow start, word of mouth bull if it expect to sell more than Kinect. Actually I don't think they care - playing the course and not the competition so to speak. Such games are left for the fanboys.

vhero2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

1.5 million MOVE sold worldwide as for US nobody knows the real numbers anymore thanks to NPD no longer releasing the numbers the only people releasing any kind of numbers are people like Greenburg who keep leaking them. Maybe they will release numbers yearly?? Either way will people stop comparing Kinect to MOVE until Kinect has launched at the very least. Hell I don't think they should be compared at all as they are completely different types of products but if you do have to compare please wait until Kinect is released and not go off pre-order numbers. Even so though 1.5 million is good.

avengers19782709d ago

WorldWide close to a 2 million sold, and it hasn't even launched in Japan I'd say that's pretty damn good.

Kushan2709d ago

Neowin has been around for a decade now, it's ranked in the top 200 of many english speaking countries and in the top 500 in the world. Just because YOU'VE never heard of it doesn't make it any less important.

It even has its own Wiki entry -

However, the thing to keep in mind is that neowin acts mainly as a news aggregation site, most articles on there are posts from other sites. Check your sources.

thorstein2709d ago

"Across the globe sales of Sony's Move controller have exceeded expectations in Europe, with over 1.5 million units now sold since it launched late last month. "

Well, which is it? The globe? Or Europe? This is pure flamefail.

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blackburn52710d ago

Microsoft hype as per usual. 'Quick buy Kinect as fast as possible before it runs out'. Yeah right.

vhero2709d ago

Agreed but all company's do it hell even the stores do it to get sales. I get numerous emails before launch of big products saying they will probably sell out so preorder to avoid disappointment. Companys have been doing this for years but none better than Nintendo who are the kings of it. They purposely shorted there own supply to bring up demand and once demand dropped they shorted it again.

units2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

amount of butt hurt in here is unbelievable

Weather2710d ago

No it's not actually. Pretty on par with every other bad news article for sony

Spawn-KING2710d ago

Thats why the Best Buy Store's is sold out of the PS Move and Navigator controller .

Kinect will flop fast, can anyone post a link of a video of Kinect that is postive,meaning none of these lag video's and having the 360 freeze on them while playing Kinect . Please reply with a link .

Spawn-KING2710d ago

Kinect Milo was stage thats why MS ain't making it,got canned .

feelintheflow2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I was just saying that they aren't sold out at my Best Buy.
Woops, wrong spot.

feelintheflow2710d ago

Sony - PlayStation Move Bundle for PlayStation 3 is available for pickup at the following stores:

Billings MT
2450 King Ave W, Billings, MT 59102
Map & Directions
Pick up 10/16/2010
Casper WY
601 Se Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609
Map & Directions
Pick up 10/16/2010
Idaho Falls ID
2404 S 25th E, Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Map & Directions
Pick up 10/16/2010
Rapid City SD
2320 N Haines Ave, Rapid City, SD 57701
Map & Directions
Pick up 10/16/2010
Missoula MT
2640 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59802
Map & Directions
Pick up 10/16/2010

Spawn-KING2710d ago

Now post links of Kinect that is working,no stage crap,and not that animal game that is so lame .


You say your store has them but you lust stores for several different states so either your a nomad who lives in a trash can outside of bestbuys or your full of crap. Get your facts straight before you post because anyone with a brain can see through your BS.

Triella2709d ago

why talk about the bundle, many people who already own the camera only need the PS Move. Look at Amazon the PS Move is backordered while there are apparently plenty of bundles left.

feelintheflow2709d ago

When you look up if your store has them on they list your store and the next few stores closest too you. What an idiot.

yippiechicken2709d ago

Dude, I live in Billings too! What part you in?

And Thillreborn, this part of the country is not very populated. When you check the availability of items at stores, most sites don't just list a single town, they list a much bigger area, even other states. At least around here they do. So no, feelintheflow is not a liar so hows 'bout you get your facts straight next time.


feelintheflow2709d ago

I go to MSU B. I am in grad school there. Where do you live?

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Spawn-KING2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Funny no one has links of Kinect video's that are positive and not stage like Milo was and Star Wars Unleash 2 . No Commercial video's we know they edited them . Post video's of Kinect with a live person in front of the TV playing it .

dead_eye2709d ago

When is kinect out anyway. I can't wait for the reviews. I think the things that the move got marked down for kinect will get a free pass.

gamer81792710d ago

If were using videos for proof of flops in the future. Than I've seen a few videos with bugs in gt5. I guess that means its going to flop big time as well

jony_dols2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

??? So your comparing beta builds of software (i.e GT5) to finished retail hardware (i.e Kinect)

Numerous bugs were found in retail copies of Forza 3 or Gears of War 2, even the devs couldn't eliminate all the bugs with post release patchs.

GT5 was always gonna be a hit regardless of critical reception or a few bugs.

Kinect is a new device that has had a few minor technical flaws, but more importantly it has been torn apart by critics and the general gaming public alike. The only thing that can save it, is if MS do their typical advertising ploys till we are sick of seeing it, and buy it just to shut up them up.

vhero2709d ago

I dislike Kinect myself due to its silly price but as for it flopping? I am unsure with MS behind it and the amount of money spent on it they cannot afford for it to flop. They will put a lot of advertising behind it so they will sell quite a few I do think the price will hold it back though. I know a lot of people not buying based on price alone. If it does flop though it could go 2 ways they will kill it off quick and got back to paying for exclusives OR immediately move to a new console (xbox 720?)and pretend it never happened.

Eu2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It wont 'flop' just because it will sell gazillions. The quality of the games/gameplay what we've been seen, its a sure 'flop' till now.

But since what matters this gen is numbers, as long as fanboy/media/gamers/companies goes, it will never be a flop, wich in itself is a shame, since MS is showing the others that it can sell smoke and mirrors in the millions to the sheep out there.

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Holeran2710d ago

Ya everyone buy yours now because we probably won't be able to keep up with the demand. Give me a break.