Is Los 33 the most boring game ever?

There exist some boring games in this world (any of the Imagine line of games for the DS), we've all played them and have severely regretted the experience. However, I think I very well may have stumbled upon the most boring game ever created: Los 33, a game about the Chilean Miners rescue.

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chickenbutt2710d ago

The game sounds really bad..

bastiartadi2710d ago

turned into a boring ass game. Seriously, what is the guy thinking?

domo3252710d ago

Really don't understand why someone would make a game out of this crucial situation. I guess boredom gets the best out of everyone.

poison_shadow2710d ago

Okay... a game is completely unnecessary.

mokmoof2710d ago

This was seriously the best they could do when there is currently a very popular indie game ABOUT SURVIVAL called MINEcraft?

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