The most beautiful level created in Little Big Planet 2 Beta

Ice Age: Extinction, is the level that will be remembered as the most beautiful level ever created in the Beta of Little Big Planet 2. The level has a great story line and awesome gameplay and the indoor scenes towards the start has a really nice attention to detail and it has as well a nice post-apocalyptic vibe and most importantly the visuals are spectacular!

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Chaostar2651d ago

Yeah looks great, can't wait to get my creative juices all over this game... er... let me rephrase that... oh nevermind.

MachinaMaw2651d ago

This game is gonna be BIG.

Chug2651d ago

If I were stranded on an Island and only had one game to play...

despair2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

hopefully with a good internet connection :)

theonlylolking2651d ago

Little Big planet series definitely is the best creating levels, maps, etc... game out there.

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