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Longtime Medal of Honor fans will get the most satisfaction out of this modern take on the series, while new fans to the series will most definitely enjoy the games solid single-player campaign and multiplayer mode offerings. For those looking for a more ‘blockbuster’ feel to their FPS, they might want to look elsewhere. Although the game is ‘grounded in reality’, it still has it’s fun and offers a good variety of gameplay moments. For those looking for a good FPS to hold you over until you can join the ‘Black Ops’ come this November, Medal of Honor is a solid start for the series rebirth into the modern war.

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JRisky2859d ago

It's hard to compare a game that is on a sale with a game that is yet to be released. No one knows yet if Black Ops is going to live up to the hype.

NJShadow2859d ago

Some people think it won't, some people hope it won't. And ya know what, it probably will, just like every other one. Infinity Ward was a hard loss, but Treyarch aren't totally incompetent.

Weather2859d ago

This definately did not live up to its hype

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tacosRcool2859d ago

Black Ops will because people will think its the best game ever. Look at all the high score for Modern Warfare 2, even though that game wasn't that great. Same goes for Halo 3 and ODST

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jdktech20102859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I dont' get all the bad it perfect? No....I would consider it about an 8-8.5

Not amazing but quite fun and one of the best campaigns I've played in a while. The only other FPS campaigns that had me caring about the characters has been Halo and BC2 (to an extent....the narrative was very weak overall).

The mutliplayer is pretty fun if you realize it's not COD and you HAVE TO TAKE COVER. It's a cover, survey the situation move, fire, repeat. It's more complicated than that but you CAN NOT run and gun and this game and expect to live.

Plus, I get the BF3 beta which is a win in itself

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Patrick Liu (developer for DICE) has said fixes for bullet spread and sniping is in the works....just in case that helps anyone make a decision on purchase or trade in

raztad2859d ago

bullet spread and sniping

what the issue is?

Mmmkay2859d ago

the campaign is pissing me off due to all the invisible walls and trigger points...

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