Five things you didn't know about 'Fallout: New Vegas'

How much do you know about the next chapter in the Fallout series?

Oh sure, you're well aware it's out Tuesday, Oct. 19 from Obsidian Entertainment; the role-playing game takes place in the year 2281; and the redesigned V.A.T.S. targeting system now supports special attacks.

But if you're craving more info – something you can drop to your snooty friend who thinks they know everything about this series -- the following are five features of Fallout: New Vegas you probably didn't know, courtesy of Bethesda producer Jason Bergman.

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Blaze9292829d ago

Absolutely nothing to be honest. I mean, I know the game was announced way back but since then I didn't really give a damn to look into any details about it. No screenshots, previews, videos, nothing. Just all the more surprise and suspense for when I play it.

Hellsvacancy2829d ago

Good 4 u mofo my thoughts exactly, i know what im gonna get with Fallout Vegas (more of the same) which suits me FINE

ExplosionSauce2829d ago

Isn't it basically "Fallout 3 Part II: New Vegas"?
All I know is that this game will more than likely be good.

Mmmkay2828d ago

i just hope it's playable from day one...

PrimordialSoupBase2829d ago

Fallout 3 in the hands of a talented developer, essentially. Bethesda hasn't made a good game since Morrowind.

PrimordialSoupBase2828d ago

Coming from a bunch of children who have never played games from the likes of Black Isle or pre-console Bioware, disagrees are welcome and hilariously misplaced.

geth1gh2828d ago

whatever man, there games have only gotten better since morrowind. not saying morrowind wasn't a fantastic game though.

fallout 3 is defiantly at the top of my list for favorite rpgs atm though.

kaveti66162828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Obsidian, a talented developer.

Those assholes destroyed the Kotor franchise. They are nothing. They are a fucking smudge on the highest window of the tallest skyscraper of nothingness.

They fucking made alpha protocol. Oh what talent it must have taken to create a garbage wannabe of Mass Effect. They stole the dialog tree. They can't make a good game on their own to save their lives.

They haven't worked on a successful IP in years. They are complete nothings, riding on the success of somewhat well-received titles from almost a decade ago.

Fuck Obsidian. You can even see that they're not trying at all to make an original Fallout. They haven't changed much. They've only fixed some of the issues of F3 and they know how much they suck bawls so they didn't bother retooling the engine.

That's why New Vegas looks the same. Bethesda are keeping them on a short leash to make sure they don't fuck up the franchise. Obsidian is a parasite of the industry - the Uwe Boll of gaming.

visualb2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

everyone that enjoyed Oblivion / Fallout 3 = children

you ignorant *****

I also enjoyed Morrowind, but I enjoyed oblivion more because it was a more solid experience

its called opinions, just because you have one, it doesn't make everyone else a child

if anything, with comments like that, the only child I see here is you.

PrimordialSoupBase2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Level scaling the the laziest way to make an rpg and it certainly ruined both Oblivion and Fallout 3. Not to mention the quality of writing and quests in both games is absolutely horrendous.

The challenge in modern Bethesda games ends at level 5 because by then the world and enemies have acclimated to your character. If you actually believe Oblivion is a good game then install it again and instead play the total conversion mod, Nehrim. That is how you balance and build an rpg. Everything is balanced with care rather than code and it makes for a far more involving game.

If you truly believe Fallout 3 is a better game than the original two, then you haven't played an rpg pre 2000. If you believe Oblivion is anything more than an upgrade in tech, then it's the pathetic standard to which you hold other rpgs - and that's a sadness.

geth1gh2828d ago


maybe so, but i feel like you are making the same argument that my grandfather makes about how every single movie today sucks compared to movies 50 years ago.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. people adapt and move on to other things while some seem to cling on it as the world moves on.

Pen152828d ago

We got some cry babies here. Fallout 3 was great, and I'm 21. You must be 50 to call everyone else children.

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MagicAccent2828d ago

5 things I didn't know.. Hm.

Ehh, that was a bit underwhelming, wasn't it?
I mean come on, there better be more to it than that :/

Emmettcelticfan2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I'll be playing it on hardcore mode I love a good challenge in a game. It's out on friday in the UK i'll probs watch the a few parts of DSP's playthrough before I get it

greenisgood2829d ago

it will be better on the 360.. oh wait we know that already like with 99% of multi games and exclusive.

scar202829d ago

Jesus is that you i didn't know you played video games and decided on which console was better.

geth1gh2828d ago

actually, for the past year or so, most multiplatform games run a lot cleaner on the ps3.

yes, ps3 used to suck for multiplatfrom games no doubt, but recently i get most multiplatfrom games on ps3.

new vegas is actually supposed to be a lot cleaner this time around then fallout 3 was on the ps3, they have had a lot of time to mess around with the engine. what ive heard from the internet and gamestop employees so far is that it is overall going to be cleaner on the ps3.

Shadow02828d ago

i own an xbox 360 but im really open minded and dont want to come off as a fanboy of any system.. but from what i know ps3 does have an edge over xbox with hardware specs. and fallout is going to be best on the pc because of all the mods once you get bored of all its new features like hardcore (which i have already fallen in love with)

geth1gh2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

i was talking about consoles my friend.

i think its obvious that if you have the system any multiplat game that is on pc, will play the best on pc. figured that wasn't even a debate any more.

i would get it on my pc, but need about $400 more to finish upgrading it. its lacking the cpu and ram right now, everything else was upgraded over the summer. workin with a duo core 2.6ghz with a cheap mobo that allows only up to .2ghz of oc and got 3gb of ddr2.

so yea, i prefer to get games like that on my consoles atm. still plays sc2 pretty baller on high settings tho. do have a radeon 4870 256bit 1gb ddr5 that i got for cheap that is a major upgrade from last video card.

dirtydbz2829d ago

this sounds like somthing I just might pick up gonna pick up demon souls I have a ton of free time comming

Allowen2829d ago

Still not a single review about FO:NV !
That all I know so far :(

Ohh and that the game have casinos but they said or showed nothing about hidden cavez, vaults etc to explore and how many hours does it takes for us to finish the game exploring every thing.

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