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Submitted by iWaggle3D 1871d ago | article

All PlayStation Move 3rd Party Guns

First in a series of four articles by iWaggle3D offering a quick overview of all the PlayStation Move accessories currently available. This article focuses on the guns! (Playstation Move, PS3)

Chaostar  +   1871d ago
Well put together collection, I will have to try Move out on some top notch first person shooters to decide whether one of those would add anything to the experience. Hell, actually it might be worth it just for the awesome factor :P
dericb11  +   1871d ago
Yeah it is. I really think the Battle Rifle and Socom will work well together. If Socom goes 3-D (Given Sony 3-D push it will) it might turn out that that gun and Socom might be a top shooter next year.
Chaostar  +   1871d ago
Socom is a great example and probably the first shooter I will buy for Move :) Don't know if it will end up being 3D though, you'd think they would have announced it by now but you never know.

OoooOoo there's a phantom disagreer haunting this article.
ginsunuva  +   1871d ago
Socom 4 will have 3d. Has been confirmed.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1871d ago
Too bad most games require the use of the move button
This peripherals only work for game on rails like The Shoot or Time Crisis
seinfan  +   1871d ago
Where's the "pew pew pew" comments?
gamerzBEreal17  +   1871d ago
Pew Pew Pew!
metsgaming  +   1871d ago
if your actually holding something its bang, if you use your hand like kinect its pew pew pew.
Turbine27   1871d ago | Spam
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1871d ago
i like the red one and the ump...and the revolver.
GoldPS3  +   1871d ago
Submachine Gun is insane.
xTrueLegendx  +   1871d ago
holy crap that allot of plastic guns for the move
VladimirK  +   1871d ago
Bit of a pity about the Hand Gun, think the original looked pretty nice actually. (Especially compared to some of the ones on there now and to the new version).

Sure is a lot of peripherals though for such a short space of time of Move being out.

(Pic is the original incase any of you missed the link on the site).

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mindedone  +   1871d ago
what I think
Is that sony should just come out with a Gun-shaped Move controller. A submachine gun shaped controller, something small enough to be practical, but more accurate than a pistol.
kasasensei  +   1871d ago
Plastic crap... Stop buy this shit.
sbizarre  +   1871d ago
Nerf should make a move gun..
mlop   1871d ago | Spam

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